2021’s Best Portable Foldable Light Box – An Owner’s Review

I own a small business selling lovingly handmade items. I sell soaps and bath products, items I’ve sewn from fabric and items I’ve crafted from leather. I write how-to articles and instruction booklets. I need – not just want, but need – to be able to take clear, attractive photographs of the things I make so that I can present them to prospective buyers or students online and help those buyers decide to pay for my goods. I really struggled to get good photos before I invested in a proper foldable photography light box.

When I was just starting out, I would haul out the big photography light kit (giant reflectors and flash bulbs on stands) and use rolls of seamless paper as backdrops. This was a great setup, honestly, but it was extremely cumbersome to put up and take down. It was a lot of effort to go through if I only had a few photos to take. Then I switched to a homemade light box that worked great (until it got squashed), but it was too small to fit very many of the items I make. Next, I bought a pop-up light box that was so difficult to refold, I gave up and left it unfolded all the time, stuck in a closet, taking up waaaay too much valuable space. I couldn’t take it anywhere with me if I needed to, because folding it up took a great deal of effort and it just wasn’t worth it. But now, I believe I’ve bought the last foldable photography light box I will ever need – and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Light Box

I currently own the Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box. When I tell you this thing is amazing, believe me. If you sell handcrafted items online or have social media to show off your work, if you have an Etsy shop or sell on Amazon, I would consider this light box an absolute must.

The thing I like most about this light box is the size. Or should I say, the sizes. When the light box is open, it measures a generous 25″ x 30″ x 25″, which is plenty of room to photograph nearly any item I make. Jewelry, accessories, gift sets, foods, pottery… it fits in there with plenty of space. Folded up for storage or transport, it measures an easily-manageable 25″ x 30″ but is just over 2 1/2 inches thick. When not in use I store it behind a bedroom door. When I need to take it with me in the car, it fits easily on the back seat or in the trunk with plenty of room to spare. The power cord folds into an onboard storage compartment so it’s not going to get lost, and there’s even a little compartment for me to keep business cards to hand out while I’m working on location.

This light box is so easy to use, it practically does all the work for you. Go from set-up to taking photos in less than a minute! No assembly required. Unfolding the light box allows the bright white, zero-texture backdrop to fall into place. Simply plug in the power cord and you’re good to go. Each daylight-balanced light is balanced at 5600K (to give a consistent neutral white point) with high Color Rendering Index. The high-output LED lights are overhead in the roof of the box – the main light to illuminate the space and a second (fill) light providing accent and highlighting.

The white inside walls bounce light onto your subject, reducing pesky unwanted shadows. The front wall of the light box has not one, not two, but three small doors to provide different photography angles while still minimizing outside light reflections. There is also a flap on the roof of the box that allows you to photograph “flat lays” from above, which is perfect for jewelry and foods.

Some online selling platforms (like Amazon) require an item to be photographed on a white background, which as I said is already installed in the light box. If you need, or want, a different colored background, you can make your own and attach it to the built-in background hanger.

When you’re done creating your photographs, the light box is easy to fold up. Simply lift up the stiffener behind the backdrop hanger in the back of the box, and attached elastic straps will fold the box up for you, easy as pie. Use the velcro tabs to secure the sides, and the box is ready to store or take along with you to your next project.

If you decide that this light box is not the perfect fit for you, you can read about some other great photography light boxes by clicking here to find exactly what you need.

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