The Best Light Box for Photography in 2021

If you are trying to sell almost any type of product, then you really do need a light box. A light box will provide you with a space to get premium lighting for spectacular stock photos. To put it simply, if you’re trying to sell products without a light box, you’re really missing out on potential sales due to sub-par photos.

Think about it – you’re more likely to purchase a product if the photo is clear, well-lit, and uncluttered. Bad photos = fewer buys. It’s simple! So, do yourself (and your business) a favor and buy a light box.

Now, I’m not going to lie…there are a lot of light boxes on the market. So how can you make sure you’re buying the right photo light box for your needs? Well, I searched through the Web and found the top six photo light boxes you need to see.

Carry on reading to find some of the top things to consider when buying a photo light box, or jump straight to our number #1 pick on Amazon here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Light Box for Photography?

Before taking the plunge into a purchase, there are a few things you need to consider. Well, I’m here to help you out with these considerations. Let’s take a closer look at what should be on your “check-off list.”

Criteria #1: How big is the photo light box?

When it comes to a photo light box, size actually does matter. Let me tell you why. If you have a slightly larger product you’re trying to sell, it will be rendered useless if you buy a light box that’s too small. So, it would help if you made sure that the box is large enough to accommodate your item.

Criteria #2: How high-quality is the lighting?

The main purpose of a product photography box is to create stunning, high-quality pictures of your products. So, pay attention to the lighting system while shopping. Does the lighting system come with LED light strips? Does the photography light have the right color temperature (5500k being ideal)? How about the number of lumens? Is there a high color rendering index? These are all things to consider when finding the best light source.

The good news is, most products will allow you to adjust the brightness. Adjustable brightness will ensure that you can get the best pictures possible, whether you’re doing black and white photography or want plenty of lights for colors.

Criteria #3: Does it come with backdrops?

Although the main concern should be the light source and LED lamps, it isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when creating stellar pics. You should also be utilizing backdrops. A lot of these light boxes come complete with a variety of backdrop colors. It’s easy to mix and match for the best pictures possible with a photography kit like that.

Criteria #4: Is it easy to assemble?

Assembly can be a big pain when you’re setting up a photo light box. So, the best thing to do is to double-check the ease of assembly. However, keep in mind that some photo boxes might require a bit of assembly, but it’s not too excessive. The easier, the better, though!

Criteria #5: Does it need a power supply?

A lot of photographers want to be mobile. Well, you aren’t going to have a very successful photography biz if you constantly need a power supply using a USB cable or other power adapter. So, double-check what type of power the light box needs. You may find that it’s not the best option in terms of portability.

Criteria #6: Is it portable?

Here, I am piggy-backing off of the above requirement. For some, portability is not essential. If this is you, then keep reading. However, if you want portability, then make sure you’re finding something that is easily set up and collapsible. If the photography kit comes with a carrying case, then even better.

Criteria #7: What additional features does the light box have?

Another thing to consider is the features available. Some light boxes come with “extras” you won’t find elsewhere. For example, one might come with a tripod for your smartphone, while another has a handy app that can be used jointly with the light box. Pay attention to the extra features and find which ones you like or need.

Criteria #8: How affordable is it?

Some people don’t have a limited budget for finding their perfect light box. (Lucky them!) But whether you’re on a budget or not, consider the price. Do you think the features are worth the price? Are you on a tight budget? Pay attention to the price tag to make sure you find a good light box for the right price.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Light boxes for Photography

Like I said before, there are plenty of options when it comes to light boxes. You want to feel confident you’re finding one that’s going to help your biz. That’s why I searched through many products to find the top options. I based my six best photo light box options based on features, price, and reviews from actual customers. Let’s get photo-ready, shall we?

#1: Upgrade Emart 14″ x 16″ Photography Table Top Light Box (Best Value)

This handy table top light box ranks as our “best value” light box. Why? Because it won’t break the bank. Plus, it is one of the top sellers on Amazon. Do I need to say more? Probably not, but I’m going to anyway. Let’s take a closer look at why people love this budget-friendly, yet high-quality, table top light box.

  • 14″ x 16″ – This is a decent enough size to handle most products. I mean, unless you’re trying to sell a trampoline, it should be able to fit into the studio box. Plus, being this small size, it is entirely portable. Portability is a definite plus for those who plan to take their photog skills on the road.
  • Continuous daylight lighting – Daylight lighting will be your best option when shooting a product, no matter what it is. Well, the Upgrade Emart Table Top Light Box comes with two built-in LED strips, 10W, 5,500K, white balance to ensure you get continuous daylight lighting – even when it’s dark outside.
  • Four color backdrops – If you’re not switching out your backdrop between products, you’re doing it wrong. Different products work well with different backdrop shades. This light box comes in four shades – white, black, blue, and grey. This makes it a breeze to sell foods, cosmetics, jewelry, and more. Did we mention it’s a cinch to set up different backdrops, too? That means less time fiddling with backdrops and more time shooting fab photos.
  • USC power adaptor and power bank – Shooting on-the-go shouldn’t be a struggle. Utilize the USB power adaptor when applicable. When away from a power supply, rely on the handy power bank to keep you going.
  • Three light modes and ten levels of brightness – Snapping the perfect pic is easy with so much customization. This photo light box ensures you can get the ideal shot with many modes and levels of brightness.
  • Comes with a tripod stand holder for smartphones – Aside from the top-notch LED lights and portability, users also enjoy the included tripod for smartphones. Just hit the snap button to take a photo and enjoy!
  • Super portable – Although the size makes this table top photo light box one of the best photo light boxes for portability, the addition of the top loop handles enhances this feature. Scoop up the light photo box and be on your way in a flash.

Final thoughts: This light box provides the best value for your buck. It comes with all of the features you might want from a light box, from the great lighting to the ease of portability. Plus, it can be charged up and doesn’t need to rely on a power source, making it a wonderful option for the on-the-go photographer.

#2: HAVOX – Photo Studio (Best Photo Light Box)

If you aren’t too concerned about money and you want the top-of-the-line photo light box in your arsenal, then I would highly recommend the HAVOX Photo Studio. This is one of the best photo light boxes on the market (with a price tag to match). When you feel like you need to splurge for the best pics, consider this photo light box for the following reasons.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product: Dimmable LED Lights

Being able to adjust the brightness is something that plenty of light boxes can do. What makes this one so different? Well, this particular photo light box comes with 60 – that’s right, 60 – dimmable SMD LED lights. This provides great lighting, unlike anything you have witness before, with just the right amount of brightness and vibrance.

Another benefit of the LED light is that they are equipped with…

  • 5500k color temperature
  • 13,000 lumens
  • 93+ Color Rendering Index

Together, these features help the LED light provide professional-looking photos in a flash. In the end, you receive photos that are far superior to photos taken with any of the other photo light boxes on this list.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product: Superior Shooting Angles

Versatility is key to a great photo. It is also essential for creating more than one photo. And let’s face it, customers want to see many angles of the product before they buy. So, having multiple angles for the shooting is critical. Well, the HAVOX Photo Studio Box comes with several openings on the front and top of the box. Finding the desired angle has never been easier.

Reason #3 to Choose This Product: Light-Diffusing Fabric Included

Reflections are an instant bust to any photo. Nobody wants to see unwanted reflections during a photography session. That’s why the HAVOX Studio Box is designed with a light-diffusing fabric strategically placed right inside. Therefore, you never have to worry about reflections, especially off of shiny objects.

Reason #4 to Choose This Product: Simple Assembly

Now, this box doesn’t allow the absolute easiest assembly of those on this list. So why did I mention it as a reason to buy? Well, it all comes down to durability and sturdiness. The HAVOX Photo Light Box is far more durable than the other photo boxes on this list, so it’s well worth the 10 minute setup time. Keep in mind, too, that there are no tools necessary for assembly, so it’s not too difficult. They also throw in a carrying case so you can transport your top-notch tool with ease.

Final thoughts: This is the cream of the crop in the photography world. With this light box, you can rest assured you will capture the highest quality photographs. From the light-diffusing fabric to the superior angles and premium LED lights, you can’t go wrong with this light box.

#3: ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box (Best Flexible Shooting Angle)

If you’re looking for a professional light box for product photography in this buying guide that won’t put too big of a hole in your wallet, check out the ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box. Although this light box isn’t cheap, it is said to provide the photographer with professional quality photos without costing an arm and a leg. Let’s dig deeper into the standout features of this photography light box.

  • Allows for superior adjustments to brightness – Brightness plays a key role in how well your photography turns out. So, knowing you have a photography light that can be adjusted in brightness is a major plus. This particular light box for photography comes with 120 LED light lamps complete with 5500k color temperature and 26,100 lumens.
  • First-rate portability – Photographers looking for an easily portable foldable photo studio, look no further than the ESDII Photo Studio Light Box. The hook and loop design makes it a breeze to set up and carry around. There is absolutely no complicated assembling necessary. That’s right – say goodbye to rods, connectors, tubes, and glue. Just fold the photo studio box into itself and get busy!
  • Multi-angle shooting – Trying to catch photos from a single opening does not leave you with a whole lot of customization or versatility, which can result in sub-par pics. Well, the ESDII comes with flexible shooting angles thanks to multiple openings.
  • Silver film reflective fabric found inside – Why does this help? With the inclusion of a silver film reflective fabric, you don’t have to worry about pictures coming out with a vignette appearance. Thus, you get the best light for the best product photos.
  • Four backdrops – Setting the right scene is a cinch. This photo studio box comes with four different backdrops to meet your needs, including black, white, gray, and orange. This helps photos turn out better but also reduces the amount of processing necessary after taking the pictures.

Final thoughts: This is a wonderful option for those who want multi-angle shooting and first-rate portability. It’s not the cheapest light box on this list, but it is priced very well.

#4: DUCLUS Mini Photo Studio Light Box (Best Low Cost)

Trying to shoot high-quality pictures on a budget isn’t exactly the easiest task. But now, you can spend less and still get some of the best pictures on the market. How? With the DUCLUS Mini Photo Studio Box. This can also be referred to as a light tent. After all, it is tiny compared to the competition, which greatly impacts the price. It’s still a top-notch solution, though. Let’s see why people love this light box.

  • Plenty of brightness – A light box at a low price means a lack of brightness, right? Wrong. This mini photo studio box has enough brightness to keep you satisfied, thanks to 2 20PCS SMD LED lights.
  • Multiple shooting angles – Yes, even though this box is miniature-sized, it still allows for multiple shooting angles. No wonder it made the list of the best photo box products on the market! More specifically, the light boxes come with a shooting window on the top and sides to get more out of your photography session.
  • Easy to use – Everyone loves a product that is easy to use. Well, these photo boxes only need a mini USB power source to work. Simply connect the display and get shooting. That’s easy enough, even for brand new photographers trying to make a name in the industry.
  • Limitless – Don’t be afraid to get a small light tent instead of a large-and-in-charge foldable photo studio box. Although this product is small, it can still take on many products, including food, jewelry, watches, toys, and more.

Final thoughts: Those with small products will appreciate this light tent. Sure, it’s miniature-sized, but it certainly does not lack quality. Photos come out looking great thanks to the combination of brightness and angles, and this is one of the easiest (and cheapest) light boxes on the market.

#5: Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box (Best Foldable Photo Light Box)

Although it is a bit pricier than most other products on this list, the AmazonBasics Portable is definitely worth the money. Full disclosure: this is the light box I own, and I love it. Let’s take a look at why this ranks as the best foldable photo studio box.

  • No assembly is required – I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say I like putting things together. Trying to deal with pesky instructions and equipment sends me into a (subtle) rage. Well, the AmazonBasics Portable Light Box doesn’t have any finicky assembly. In fact, you can set it up in less than a minute. When you’re done, it’s just as easy to fold up and be on your way.
  • 25” x 30” x 25” – As you can see, this light box for photography is pretty big. That means you don’t have to limit yourself as much in terms of product photography. Even larger items can fit easily into these 25 x 30 light boxes, making it a versatile must-have for any business.
  • Built-in LED lights – The built-in LED lights are strategically placed to provide the best bright white light and optimum contrast. You will enjoy 5600k LEDs complete with a color rendering index for the best colors possible.
  • Multiple shooting angles – Here is another product with top-notch shooting possibilities. It comes with three doors in the front and a top hole to gather images from various spots.
  • Compatible with Amazon Seller app – Are you selling on Amazon? Then you will love the convenience of having the app compatible with your photo box. With the inclusion of the app, it’s a cinch to go from shooting products to uploading them on Amazon. Less time uploading and more time selling = more money in your pocket.
  • Durable – This photo box is designed for long-lasting use thanks to incredibly durable materials surrounding the photography light box. Use it daily and be assured that you won’t end up with cracks, tears, or other damage.

Final thoughts: People love this light  box, and for a good reason, too. Is there anything this light box can’t do? The quality LED lights, angles, and convenience of connecting to the Amazon Seller app make this a standout light box in the industry.

#6: SAMTIAN Portable Folding Studio Box (Best Large Light Box)

Most of the light boxes on this list, so far, have been fairly small. Sure, they are great for small products, but what about those who are trying to sell large-and-in-charge items? Are they destined to live without a first-class light box? Of course, not! For the sellers out there who desperately need a huge light box to help them with their product photography, consider this light box from SAMTIAN. Here’s why.

  • Dimmable LED light bars – This light box comes with incredible dimming capabilities. You can go from 0% all the way up to 100%, making it easy to capture the best photos every time. With complete versatility, you have complete control over the brightness, too, so shooting on a camera or phone provides even lighting.
  • Aluminum plate light shells – Why is this a plus? Well, aluminum plate shells ensure that there is always great heat dissipation. This is great for the longevity and use of your lights.
  • White diffuser included – Included in this light box is a stellar white diffuser. This provides softness for the corners, which creates a better-looking photograph of your product. You also don’t have to worry about unsightly vignettes.
  • Lots of angles for shooting – With this light box, you are offered an impressive four angles for shooting.
  • Four backdrops included – With four backdrops, too, you can ensure you’re getting the best background for your items. Choose from red, blue, white, and black. Slide the background into the slot, and you’re ready to roll.

Final thoughts: If you need a light  box to handle your big items, let this be your pick. It’s big enough to take on just about anything, and the addition of the aluminum plate light shells and dimmable LED light bars are all great selling points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are two of the most commonly asked questions regarding light boxes:

Is a lightbox worth it?

At this point, you might be thinking: Is a lightbox even worth the money? Well, think of it this way: It is an investment for your business. As I mentioned previously, a sub-par photo isn’t likely to bring in a lot of buys. That’s because people relate the quality of your product to the quality of the photos. That’s why it is also suggested to take pictures from multiple angles, so customers can see the product best.

While you possibly could take great photos without a lightbox, it’s going to be infinitely more difficult. That’s because, without a lightbox, you may suffer from uniform lighting that is poor in quality. Plus, being an inexperienced photographer, in general, is going to lead to poor photography.

That said, I believe a lightbox is entirely worth it. It will provide you with the lights you need for high-tier images. It also allows you to produce more professional photography. This will likely result in more purchases as people enjoy your great images and image angles.

How do you take photos in a lightbox?

Just because you’re using a lightbox doesn’t mean you’re going to get perfect pictures right off of the bat. Plus, everyone has different “needs”. Some may prefer a more 3D experience of their items, while others want something neat, clean, and super bright. Well, a lot of adjustments are going to be made during the process. You will need to fiddle with the LED lamps to get what’s “right” for you. However, here are a few key tips to take photos in a lightbox:

* Using a single light will provide a 3D image of the product.
* Adding lights to each side will reduce the shadow while still allowing for 3D visuals.
* Adding the third light on top will get rid of all shadows. It will also ensure that you have an entirely brilliant white background for flawless looking photos.

Remember that you are in complete control of the lights. You may have to mess around with the lights a bit before capturing the perfect photographs, but it is well worth the hassle.

Verdict: The Best Light Boxes for Photography

It can be tricky trying to find the right light box for your needs. So, I decided to make things easy for you. Below, you will find the best six products outlined with simplicity.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Upgrade Emart 14″ x 16″ Photography Table Top Light Box.

If you want a superior light box, choose the HAVOX – Photo Studio.

If you need plenty of angles for shooting, pick the ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box.

If you want to keep the spending under $20 or want a miniature-sized light box, choose the DUCLUS Mini Photo Studio Light Box.

If you want a foldable photo light box to take anywhere, consider the Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box.

If you need a bigger light box for larger-sized products, choose the SAMTIAN Portable Folding Studio Box.

Having a light box to take pictures of your products can be a serious game-changer. Whether you need a miniature light box or something more expensive and bigger for your items, you can find it on this list. All are excellent options that will provide quality pictures that will likely lead to more business and purchases.

Just make sure to pay close attention to the features each product has to give. Some features may be more useful to you than others. Also, consider the size and lighting, as these are the two most important factors when buying the right light box. Happy picture-taking!