The Best Button Maker in 2021

In this day and age, a lot of people are trying to become more crafty. (What else are you supposed to do in a lockdown…besides eat an excessive amount? Am I right?) If you’re thinking about becoming a button maker, whether it’s for fun or a business, then you need to have the best button making product in your arsenal.

Well, buying a button maker isn’t all that easy. There are so many different button making products on the market, so buying the button maker machine that’s right for you can be challenging. Plus, they all have pros and cons and unique features that might be best for some but not all.

Whether you’re upgrading your current button maker machine or want to make a dive into the button making world for the first time, I’ve got you covered. I’ve researched high and low to find the best button makers on the market. Plus, I am sharing some must-know tips to consider before making a purchase.

Carry on reading about important things you should look for when buying a machine, or jump straight to our number #1 pick on Amazon here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Button Maker?

Button machines aren’t technically cheap, although most won’t break the bank. Regardless, you still need to make sure you’re finding a button machine that’s right for you. This will ensure that there is no hassle and no money wasted in the future. Here are some of the most important things to look for when buying a button maker.

Criteria #1: How many buttons come with the button press machine?

The first thing to consider is how many buttons come with the button machine. If you’re brand new to the button-making world, then having 50 or 100 is likely enough to keep you happy. However, if you’re planning to start up a business, you’re going to need more. This is especially true for established businesses. So, pay attention to how many buttons arrive with the package to ensure it’s enough to meet your goals.

Criteria #2: Does it come with any added features or extras?

Features and extras are important, especially for the novice button creator. Some of the most important features you might want are a handle with a comfortable grip or a particular type of cutter to help you make customized buttons with ease. Ensuring that your machine comes with the proper button parts to put together a completed button is also important. After all, nobody wants to buy a button that doesn’t have the back pin set up and ready to go.

Criteria #3: What is the button size?

Most people are going to want a 58mm button size. This is a typical button size that most will be satisfied with. However, if you want something bigger or smaller, find a button machine with the right button sizes you’re looking for. For example, someone might prefer a 1-inch (25.4mm) button as opposed to the standard 58mm.

Criteria #4: How fast can it make buttons?

Again, this is a question geared towards those who already own and operate a button making business. If you need a large amount of production, then you will want to make sure the button machines you’re buying can make a lot of buttons in a short amount of time. Beginners shouldn’t concern themselves too much with output until their business gets up and going.

Criteria #5: What material is the button maker designed with?

When it comes to finding the best button makers, the design is critical. Yes, it should be easy to construct and operate every time, but it should also be durable and reliable. Cast iron button machines are high up on the list of materials as it’s reliable and not prone to scratches, cracks, and other types of damage.

Criteria #6: Does it come with a cutter?

If you want to craft customized buttons, your machine must come with some type of cutter. The most common cutter is known as a circle cutter, but other cutters can also be used. These are specifically made cutters that will ensure that your picture’s size will match the size of the buttons. So, instead of trying to cut by hand and have an awkward-looking finish, find a machine that includes a specialty cutter.

Criteria #7: What is the price?

The last thing to concern yourself with is the price. As I have already said before, button machines aren’t super cheap, but they aren’t ridiculously high-priced either. There is a major range of prices out there. So, consider the price when buying. Just keep in mind that higher-priced machines will come with extra features, make more per hour, or have better customer service.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Button Maker

Finding the best of the best was pretty simple. I gauged the price in comparison to the features. I also paid close attention to real customer reviewers. I weighed each product’s pros and cons to ensure I was sharing button-making products that the community might actually want to buy. Let’s take a closer look at my top 7 button making machines.

#1: Neil Button Machine (Best Value)

Neil Button Maker

I love finding a great deal. So, when I saw the Neil Button Machine, I was hooked. This is a product that is efficient and high-quality without too high of a price tag. Trust me, if you want a rock-solid button maker that you can feel confident in, pick this Neil Button Maker. But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s look at some of the specific reasons why this ranked as my “best value” option.

Arrives with everything you need for a job well done

When you’re talking about “best value” items, you’re likely thinking of a package deal. Not only do you get the button maker, but you get the necessary equipment included to make stellar buttons. Well, the Neil Button Maker comes with everything you need to get started – the button maker and must-have button parts, including the mylar, shells, and pinback parts.

Easy to follow instruction manual

If it’s your first time diving into the button making world, then you will love how easy to use this product is. Additionally, it comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual to create buttons that look like they came from a professional shop.

Rotary circle cutter with glass base

This button maker comes complete with a rotary circle cutter with a glass base. Why is this important? Well, this device will allow you to be more customized with your buttons. Whether it’s a family photo, slogans for political campaigns, or something fun for kids, you can cut it out quickly and transfer it onto your buttons.

Sold with 100 custom buttons

Now, whether you’re sticking to regular buttons or want to get extra creative with key chains or some other type of custom service, you need a lot of buttons to work with. Customers love that these button makers come with a set of 100 ready-to-use buttons. With so many buttons, you won’t have to worry about replenishing for quite some time – unless, of course, your business takes off immediately.

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for a reliable button maker that isn’t too pricey, consider the Neil Button Maker. It’s the “best value” because it has everything you need to make 100 buttons right out of the gate. Plus, it’s straightforward to use and makes customization a cinch for all of your button needs.

What Customers Had to Say: It was challenging to find any negative reviews about this button maker. People love this product, with one reviewer saying, “An absolute joy to use!People enjoyed using this product for making buttons but also enjoyed the top-notch customer service from the company. All in all, you can feel confident in this purchase.

#2: INEX Button Maker (Best Button Maker)

INEX button maker

Now, I’m not going to lie to you – this best button maker is very pricey. If you’re willing to shell out the extra money, though, it is well worth the price. The INEX Button Maker is a top-of-the-line product that is especially suited for those who need to produce an immense amount of buttons in a small amount of time, such as those who are running a button making business. Here’s why you will love this button maker.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product: 1,000 Buttons and Must-Have Button Parts

As you can see, this button maker comes with the most buttons out of any other button makers on this best button maker list. It arrives with a whopping 1,000 buttons, so you can customize and create for weeks before needing to replenish your supply.

Aside from the impressive amount of buttons that come with this pack, users will also enjoy the fact that it comes with all of the critical button parts needed for success. Inside the box, you will find the following.

  • One high-quality button maker machine
  • One heavy-duty badge mold (58mm)
  • One circle cutter (58mm)
  • Metal badge button shells and pin backs

With all of these accessories, making buttons for your business is a cinch. This can easily be called one of the best button making kits on the market.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product: Durable Button Maker

These button making kits are constructed with cast iron. Now, they aren’t the only models on this list utilizing this material. What sets these button machines apart is that they are designed with cast iron and injection, which creates a far more durable and reliable finish. It also comes with a solid die-casting aluminum framework and heavy-duty molding to give you confidence while you make buttons.

Reason #3 to Choose This Product: Ergonomic Handle

If you’re not concerned about the handle as a button maker, you’re doing it wrong. A stiff, difficult handle will only cause a nuisance when you’re trying to make buttons. Well, these button machines are designed with a unique ergonomic steel handle that provides ultimate comfort. It’s faster than other handles on the market, meaning you save time and energy while you make buttons, too.

The circle cutter is also designed to be more superior to other circle cutters on the market. That’s because it is designed with a spring-action level, which can cut your pictures out in a flash. No more struggling with cutting by hand!

Reason #4 to Choose This Product: Makes 200-300 Buttons an Hour

A successful button-making company needs to keep up with its orders. Nothing says stress and pressure quite like falling behind. Well, falling behind isn’t a worry with this top-of-the-line button maker machine. These astounding button makers can create a whopping 200 to 300 buttons per hour, which means you can easily keep up with supply and demand. Other button making kits simply can’t do that!

Reason #5 to Choose This Product: Incredibly Simple to Operate

If you’re worried that an ultra-expensive button maker machine is reserved for professionals, think again. Although this is one of the most pricy button machines on this list, it doesn’t mean it’s challenging to use. With the ergonomic handle and circle cutter, it’s a breeze to throw together buttons in a flash. From there, make gorgeous key chains, bottle openers, rope ties, and more.

Final Thoughts: If you are willing and able to spend more money on one of these button making kits, do it. They come with everything you need to make high-quality buttons. You will love how easy it is to use and how professional the buttons come out. Plus, you can make an enormous amount of buttons in a short amount of time. This is ideal for businesses that need to keep up with their supply and demand.

What Customers Had to Say: Customers raved about this product, with one buyer saying, “Comes With Everything You Need To Last a Lifetime”. So while yes, these are pricier button makers, they last seemingly forever, so it’s more of an investment. Aside from loving everything about these button making kits, customers also enjoy the superior customer service delivered from the company. You can’t beat that!

#3: Seeutek Button Maker Machine (Best 58mm Button Badge Maker Machine)

Seeutek Button Maker

If you are specifically in the market for a button badge maker machine, look no further. The button badge maker from Seeutek is, without a doubt, the number one option for button badges. Here are some of the reasons why this ranks so highly in the button making biz.

Arrives with 500 (58mm) pieces

The last thing you want to do during a button making frenzy is to run out of buttons. That’s a recipe for disappointment and disaster. Well, the Seeutek Button Maker ensures you won’t have to replenish your bare buttons for quite some time. The package comes with 500 (58mm) pieces that are entirely user friendly, making your button badge making a breeze.

Crafted with durable cast iron

Another thing that some button makers might fear is their precious equipment breaking. After all, while button makers aren’t super expensive, they aren’t exactly pocket change, either. So, having a product you can rely on is imperative. This product is made with cast iron to ensure slips and falls won’t break your equipment.

Incredibly easy to use

This button maker comes with all of the badge parts you need to create awesome badges. Inside the package, you will have die-cast aluminum framework pieces, interchangeable molds, and all of the badge parts necessary for success. And don’t worry – all of these pieces are super simple to operate. In fact, this button maker is known for having a very low “failure” rate when it comes to making badges. Even beginners can learn to operate this button making device in no time.

Final Thoughts: If you need a high-quality badge maker, this is the product for you. It comes with all of the must-have parts and pieces you need to make cool badges. It is also highly durable and reliable, thanks to the cast iron construction. It’s super easy to use, and even beginners will find this button maker to be user-friendly.

What Customers Had to Say: This is another product with virtually no negative comments with super high remarks. Badge makers love everything about this button maker, from the ease of button making to the heavy-duty construction and more.

#4: Badge-A-Minit Button Machine (Best Low Cost)

Badge-A-Minit Button Maker

If you’re brand new to the button making world, you likely don’t want to spend too much money. And I don’t blame you. There’s nothing quite more annoying than spending a lot of money to find out you’re not very good at something. That’s why I added Badge-A-Minit button machines to my top 7 button makers list. Here’s why this budget-friendly option might be the right pick for you.

Very budget-friendly button maker

The main reason you might choose these Badge-A-Minit button machines is that they are ridiculously budget-friendly. In fact, this American button maker is notably one of the “lowest-priced button makers in the world.” So, if you’re just starting in the button-making realm or you’re on a strict budget, this might be the best option for you.

Arrives with plenty of button parts and buttons

Don’t think that just because this is a “cheapie” button maker that you’re out of luck as far as pieces included. Although this is a very budget-friendly button maker, it still comes complete with 50 customizable buttons to get your fun business started. The pack also includes 10 sets of pin-back buttons and 10 sets of ready-to-use designs, from smiley faces to birthday designs.

Easy-to-use hand press

If you’re not in the market for a bulky machine, you will enjoy the fact that this Badge-A-Minit button maker is crafted in a simple hand press design. With just a squeeze, you will be creating cool, fun, and interesting buttons without taking up too much space in your home.

Final Thoughts: The Badge-A-Minit is a great starter kit or for someone who is on a tight budget. It comes with all of the essential button parts to get started but no extra features or pieces. It’s a bit harder to customize with this product because it doesn’t have any special cutting tools. However, you can get a lot done with this unique and simple hand press American button maker.

What Customers Had to Say: Most people enjoyed the Badge-A-Minit button makers but will admit that there is a bit of a learning curve since the buttons are made with a hand press rather than a lever, like those found with larger and pricier button makers. So, be prepared to take your time and mess up a few of your buttons before making “perfect” buttons.

#5: MK.Bear Button Badge Maker Machine (Best for Beginners)

MK.Bear Button Badge Maker

I’ve listed this specific button maker as the best button maker for beginners, but I’ll be honest – I think novice button makers and children alike will enjoy this button machine, too. It comes with literally everything you would ever want from a budget maker at a great low price. Let me tell you why this button maker should make its way into your craft room.

Comes with everything you need to get the job done

When I say that this button maker has it all, I’m not lying. Inside the package, you will receive 100 buttons, a circle cutter, 100 pictures, and a Magic Book. With so many circle button parts and accessories, it’s easy to craft together buttons for kids and adults.

Incredibly versatile button maker

Don’t think that you’re stuck with just making buttons. No, this button maker allows for superior versatility that everyone will love. Stick to making adorable and fun buttons, or take it a step further and dive into the world of key chains, rope ties, bottle openers, and so much more.

Simplicity at its finest

While this button maker can seemingly do it all, it doesn’t mean it’s a challenge to work with. No, this button maker is known for being “simplicity at its finest”. All you have to do is cut the desired picture to the right size using the circle cutter. From there, set the badge bottom and top mold on the button maker. Place the metal cover over the mold. Finally, place the picture and film on top. Press down on the handle and enjoy a button in seconds.

Upgraded design complete with a superior swivel mount

This button maker is known for being lightweight yet durable. Another benefit of the craftsmanship is that it comes with a superior upgraded swivel mount. This allows more efficiency and accuracy for the user. With this subtle improvement, you are at far less risk of damaging your buttons.

Final Thoughts: Advanced button makers, beginners, and even children will adore this best button maker. It comes with everything you need to create great buttons, from the circle cutter to the 100 different buttons. The button maker itself is lightweight and simple to operate, mostly thanks to the upgraded swivel. Did we mention it’s a fairly budget-friendly choice, too?

What Customers Had to Say: People thoroughly enjoy this button maker, from children up to adults. However, the main drawback is that the button maker only works with plastic backs, not metal. This limits your options a tad, but don’t forget how easy it is to be versatile with this machine and make key chains, rope ties, and bottle openers quickly.

#6: Mophorn Button Maker Machine (Best 1-Inch Button Maker)

Mophorn Button Maker

While most customers are looking for button making kits that provide them with a typical 58mm size, not everyone needs the same size. If you’re looking for a 1-inch button maker instead, I have found the best machine for you right here. The Mophorn Button Maker comes with plenty of desirable features, including the following.

Comes with 1,000 25mm pieces

This top-of-the-line button machine can stand up to our number one pick for the amount of buttons it comes with. These button machines from Mophorn come with an incredible 1,000 buttons in the 25mm size. So, you know you won’t run out of buttons for quite some time. Awesome!

Makes buttons quicker than ever before

Again, this button maker holds up to the more expensive best button makers in terms of speed. In fact, you can make up to 300 pieces per hour if you’re feeling fierce and on top of the button making world. Wow!

Designed with an ergonomic handle and sturdy base

Design is key when finding the right button maker. Well, much like our number one pick, this best button maker is designed with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip that won’t cause discomfort, even when you are 200 buttons in. It’s crafted entirely of cast iron and a solid base that allows for accurate interchanging of dies.

Easy to assemble

Having button machines that are easy to operate is important, but don’t forget about the ease of assembly. Some might be more challenging than others, but it is no issue with the Mophorn Button Maker. These button machines are easily assembled and ready for action.

Final Thoughts: This is an awe-inspiring button machine that can stand up to the most significant competition. However, it does not come with any “extras” or added features. The product is still reliable, easy to operate, and comes with a whole bunch of buttons to keep you satisfied. Plus, they’re 25mm instead of 58mm, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then buy one of these button machines.

What Customers Had to Say: Most customers love these button machines. However, these button machines require a bit of a learning curve when it comes to making buttons. Don’t give up, though. Once you get the hang of making buttons with these button machines, you will be delighted with your purchase.

#7: ChiButtons Kit Button Maker (Best 75mm Button Maker)

ChiButtons Kit Button Maker

So you want really, really big buttons, eh? Okay, 75mm is actually only about 3 inches, but compared to the rest of the sizes on this list, 3 inches is pretty darn big! Well, the ChiButtons Button Maker is one of the best button makers on the market for these fine reasons.

Has plenty of button parts and accessories to make great 3-inch buttons

Inside every button making kit, you will find all of the necessary button parts needed to make top-notch buttons each time. Inside, you will find the round molds, pin-back button components, and a circle cutter. Plus, this package arrives with some complimentary photo paper, so you can create your own customized buttons without needing to go out and buy extra paper.

Includes 100 3-inch buttons to start with

The pack also includes 100 3-inch buttons to get you started. Sure, you might need more in the future, but 100 is a significant amount to kick off your new hobby or business.

Designed with acrylic base and swivel mount

So, why is this an important feature? Well, the acrylic base is designed to be incredibly reliable and durable for all of your button making needs. On the other hand, the swivel mount is great for keeping all of your molds in place. No more slipping and sliding while trying to create.

Compact and lightweight

Users will enjoy how compact and lightweight this machine is, too. It can be easily stored when necessary but also makes it into your craft room with ease. Make all kinds of great buttons and badges in this nifty 3-inch best button maker.

Final Thoughts: If you’re in the market to create bigger button sizes, consider this machine. It allows for customized buttons measuring up to 3 inches. You can also use compatible extras to make smaller and larger buttons, making this a versatile machine that is lightweight and reliable.

What Customers Had to Say: It was hard to find any negative comments about this machine because people just loved it. However, a few users did state that you must be 100% sure that you pull all the way down on the handle. Otherwise, the picture might not come onto the button as desired. Other than that, this is a top-notch solution for larger-sized buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions in regards to button-making machines.

What are the most popular button sizes?

You might have noticed that the 58mm button makers were most prominent on this list. Well, that’s because – you guessed it – the most popular button size is 58mm. They are not too big or small and allow for the most customization. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, whether you’re making name tags or rewards for a school event.

Is button making business profitable?

Some people might think about getting into the button making business but fear it might not be as profitable as they would like it to be. Well, button making is an excellent small business idea that can really take off. Of course, how well your small business does depends solely on how well your buttons are crafted and how much marketing you do.

The good news is, a button making business is a cheap business to start. You only need one of these button machines with all the extra button parts, and you’re ready to go.

As a bonus, a button making business allows you to be as creative as you’d like. This is a major benefit for those who love to be crafty but want to make some money off their work.

Verdict: Your Best Button Maker

Here, I have broken down my top seven button making machines by their specific features to make shopping that much easier for you.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Neil Button Machine.

For those who want a top-of-the-line button maker with superior output, choose the INEX Button Maker.

If you need a great button badge maker, pick the Seeutek Button Maker Machine.

If you want to keep the cost under $70, pick the Badge-A-Minit Button Machine.

For those in need of a kid and beginner-friendly machine, choose the MK.Bear Button Badge Maker Machine.

For those in the market for a 1-inch button maker, consider the Mophorn Button Maker Machine.

If you need a button maker that creates 75mm buttons, choose the ChiButtons Kit Button Maker.

Button making can be such a fun thing to do, whether you’re doing it for a hobby and like to be creative or you’re trying to create your very own business. Either way, you need a reliable button maker and button parts to get the job done. You can’t go wrong with any machine listed in this top 7 list. However, you need to make sure that you’re buying the button maker that’s right for you.

The most important thing to concern yourself with is the button’s size and if it comes with any extra button parts, such as the pin in the back or a specialty cutter. From there, you can pay attention to other features such as comfortable handles for mass production.

In the end, you can find everything you need to make your artistic dreams come to life in button form on this list.