The Bread Cabaret: What a Night!

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Gurpreet Chana, originally uploaded by dpnsan.

And so, as some of you might know, i curate events. And a few years ago i was responsible for curating a very large event in the city. One that become giant and beautiful and brilliant, but just too big for little ole me. And so, i stopped doing that last June, but i missed bringing together different artists, and seeing some of my favourite people in the same room.

And so, on February 13, i started the Bread Cabaret at Bread and Circus Cabaret in Kensington Market!

Pictured here is Gurpreet Chana who plays tabla and other percussive instruments.  His energy is special and when he plays, audiences listen.  Find out more about him here.  

It was a breathe of fresh air putting together a small group for an intimate audience. The acts were so inspiring. and it didn’t burn me out! In fact, i left inspired! And we sold out!

oh, art. so good.

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