Sharing the Papery Goodness

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My new Etsy shop that will be selling ephemera for collage artists! 

As a collage artist I tend to collect a LOT of papers and photos and books and wonderful vintage ephemera.  In the past year I realized that I don’t need all of these papers, or shall I say that it dawned on me that there is no way in a million years that i will be able to use all of what i have.

One of the most common questions I get asked at craft shows is “Where do you get your paper from?  I will finally be able to let them know that aside from antique markets, estate sales, charity shops and garage sales, that you can get paper from me!

I know what sort of images I am drawn to, and know what I don’t use in my work.  So I am proud to say that by the end of the week I will be presenting the new Etsy Shop Collagio.

In putting together this shop, I decided that it was time that I learnt how to make a banner.  The above image is my first foray into any sort of digital creations.  I know it’s simple but  am quite proud of it!

I look forward to sharing the vintagey papery goodness by the end of the week!

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