Looking back to RED

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Redness!, originally uploaded by dpnsan.

I was thinking about what i was doing this time last year and it occured to me that i was getting ready to present over 150 artists in 4 days for the RED Festival. I found this photo that Dave took of my hair and i was aglow in lovely memories of working with Erica K., watching amazing artists and seeing the audiences react to true art.

People have asked me how i feel since i closed the RED factory, and honestly, it was so wonderful while it lasted and i learnt so much from those five years, but i am glad.

You see, i think that it is a tricky thing to be an artist and to want to also present other artists and to want to bring people together. All of those things fall together and soon you forget about your own art. And well, i think that was what happened with me. While i was presenting everyone else, my art fell by the wayside.

A year later, i am slowly creating my own art again and feeling proud of all that i have done. And of course there is the Bread Cabaret that is a much more intimate version of RED that takes much less time to organize.

I learnt a lot from RED and here is the point form version…

1. Create something that you believe in and the people will come. Really, it’s true.

2. When you put brilliant artists together in one room, something magical is sure to happen.

3. It’s important not to micro manage people. Let them know that you believe in them, and give them the sky as the limit for what they can create and brilliance will ensue.

4. Drink water and eat well while working hard.

5. Have a sense of humour while working with all people. Us humans are sensitive folks, and sometimes we get nervous about showing our souls…a little laugh will make things feel all right!

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