Hadassh Wizo Madness!

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Me and my sister in law Catherine, Went to the Hadassah Wizo Bazaar today! For those of you who don’t know, Hadassah Wizo Bazaar is a crazy sale for charity that happens once a year.. Normally the week before Halloween. Since i was young, i had heard about this sale and how you could get vintage gowns for $2.00 and shoes for $5.00.

I don’t know if it was ever like that but there are still a tonne of great deals.

I went first thing this morning, and immediately had gifts for my mom, some stuff for Lucas(my nephew…he’s the coolest 2 year old around!) and a few things for me!

I think Cath and I decided that we would do a yearly event.

Things i loved about this.

1. They sell salamis for $4.00
2. I got 10 wooden frames for $5.00
3. People from all walks of life are there. It’s great to sit and watch.
4. The books, mostly second hand, quirky selection..I found a Daniel Pinkwater book called Cone Kong! He’s my fave author who wrote Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death! Brilliant.

Things i don’t love about the bazaar:

1. Some people get rude and pushy. It’s for a charity people!
2. That most people grab anything that is placed down! Watch your coat! We are definitely hunter gatherers!
3. There was this lady dressed as a clown, but she was really scary, screaming at people and growling every once in a while. It was the beginnings of a horror story.

Anyhow, all in all a fun day! Till next year!

“A (wo)man is really never poor if (s)he still can laugh” – Irish Proverb

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