Fear and Francis

10 years ago 2

When i sat down to collage, i had this overwhelming fear that i had lost my creativity, my talent, my sense of colour and texture that i love so much. I was reminded of so many of my clients who i work with, and i welcomed the fear and slowly coached myself to creating something. 

In the past 11 months i have not created much art work. I journaled and sketched and wrote a lot but spending time in the studio just wasn’t going to happen with the amount of fatigue and nausea i was experiencing. 
So in the past few weeks i have been spending a few hours every day in the studio. At first I spent some time organizing everything as we had moved my studio to the basement, and then i ended up putting together paper packs and finally i created Francis. 
As i would be there every day, i would gather images and ideas that slowly spurred me to create what you see. Sometimes i think it’s best to jump right in, but this time round it was perfect to just take my time, play and gather ideas as i gathered confidence. 
I like the oval canvas and look forward to working more with them!

2 Responses

  1. Francis is pretty cool!!

  2. J's Girl says:

    Francis rocks! Love her 🙂