Family Friday – Introducing Max!

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It’s almost been a year since Max was born, and at that time, i announced that this blog would not become a mommy blog, nor would it have copious amounts of cutesy baby photos.  It would be about my creative process and that alone.  

It occured to me that one of the problems with such a  statement was that much of my creative life these days actually were focused around Max.  Because of the grandiose proclamation to the world, I felt that i could never really mention Max, which made it difficult for me to post on a regular basis.  

Well, here is a new announcement!  

Every Friday, I will talk about my family life, and our escapades with the little one.  I will discuss the joys and challenges of being a mom, along with some of our shennanigans! 

So, without further ado, meet Max!

Max was born on September 1, 2010.  He had rough beginnings as he had two surgeries in the first two months of life.  One for a twisted bowel and the second, more serious one for an obstructed bowel where they removed 45 cms of bowel.  We are so pleased to let everyone know that Max is doing really well, crawling all over, standing by himself and eating everything in sight!

Me and Max at the Workroom Trunk Show
He loves music, and bright colours, and is a really intense people watcher!  

In my life with him, he has taught me patience, joy, and how to live life in the present.  
Max and his Dad!
What a gift to be a mother to such an active and wonderful boy! I feel blessed!

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