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“Lisa totally respects the creative process from start to finish. From the opening meditation to redirect focus on the creative state, it’s as if she becomes a muse, inviting creativity to descend on sacred space. In the coaching process, Lisa is compassionate about the self-created assignments, yet, in her gentle and urgent way, she never lets up. Lisa conscientiously tracks the goals, encouraging a realistic amount of work. Most importantly, she guides the client to discover the things that are holding her back. As a result, creativity begins to flow again. Finally, Lisa is generous in the release process. When the artist is ready to fly, she let’s go with ongoing support. What an amazing process!”
~ Artemis P., Theatre Professor, New Orleans

Do you have a creative dream welling up inside? Or do you feel stuck by anxiety when you take a step towards your creative vision? Perhaps you simply want more art in your life.

As a creativity coach, I am interested in helping people discover their most creative, true and fulfilled selves. I bring over 20 years experience as a performance artist to my work and understand the practice of starting from an idea and moving towards creation. Together with clients, I aim to bring more art to their lives, work towards specific project goals and assist to make their creative dreams a reality. Together we look towards clarity, inspiration and realization in regards to all aspects of their creative life. Sessions are either via Skype or on the phone with additional weekly email support.

Rates: Single 50 minute session = $100
Two 50 minute sessions per month = $175
Four fifty minute sessions per month = $350

On January 17 and 24, 2017,  I will be offering 10 thirty minute complimentary coaching sessions for those who might be interested in finding out more about the process.  Please email to set up an appointment!

Please note that I have a number of subsidized coaching spots for students, seniors, emerging artists and the underemployed. Contact me for more info.

“I have been working with Lisa as my creativity coach for two years. She has been a necessary part of my career and personal development since graduating theatre school. We have had traditional dialoguing sessions as well as hands-on creativity sessions depending on my needs. Through working with Lisa, I was able to successfully: transition from leaving school, prepare for working at The Citadel Theatre (my first big gig), write my first play, delve into grant-writing, represent myself well as a theatre professional, and now I am writing a novel series for young readers! Lisa has not only been able to help me achieve my goals, but she has allowed me to see possibilities within myself and from the world.”
~ Samantha H., Actor and Writer

Why get a coach?
You have always had a desire to create something that is uniquely your own. It’s a song, a play, a painting, or perhaps it’s a book, or even a business plan for a new and exciting endeavour. The days pass and the months fly by and you find yourself putting these dreams on hold. You know that your dream will provide you with happiness, inner peace and inspiration and you would like to take the first step towards making it a reality but you don’t know how. It’s time to get a creativity coach.

Together we create realistic steps towards realizing your creative goals, practice effective tools for creation, find techniques to overcome fear and anxiety, help bust through a creative block and take your creations to the next step in it’s existence.

What does a creativity coach do?
A creativity coach assists you on all aspects of your creative journey. I am a cheerleader, a sargeant major and a project manager. I am someone that holds you accountable and a, one of your biggest supporters. Together we create a map for your quest and navigate it together by taking baby steps towards your higher goals.

What does a session look like?
A session often takes place in person or via phone or Skype and lasts 50 minutes. The calls are often set up so that we have some time to focus and relax, discuss an important aspect of your work, delve into some of your fears and finally set up a plan to go forward towards your dreams. A day after I send you an email summary of our session and we set a date in two weeks to meet again to talk about your progress.

I am currently accepting new coaching clients. If you are interested in working with me please email me at with a short introduction. I look forward to hearing from you!