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I have found a new medium to hopefully help me make puppet heads. You see, for the most part i get help with puppet heads. I just haven’t been able to do it. But now, after finding needlefelting, i have found a way to sculpt and get results that i like!

Here are a few of my most recent Works In Progress.

And then i am working on a two dimensional piece about the Tree of Life. I love the colours that i can get. It’s like painting but without the mess of paint!

whoo hoo!

Anyhow..let me know what you think of these…i would love some feedback!

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Rain, lotsa rain!

And so, yesterday i spent much of my time commuting around Toronto for a bunch of short little meetings that drove me a bit wonky.

Dave and I went to pick up flyers for RED ( An event that i currate at Lula Lounge, for more info see As we were walking we noticed that the long awaited new used bookstore has opened! We went in and bought a few books! And we found an amazing catalog of Hundertwasser from the Tel Aviv Museum! It is amazing.

Afterwards we went to an opening for a friend of ours, Shelly Fowler. It’s a great exhibit and i would highly recommend anyone in the Toronto area to go and check it out.

New Work by Shelly Fowler and Lynne McIlvride Evans

Gallery: 1043 Bathurst Street, Toronto ( South of Dupont)

Exhibition continues to December 14

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 6
Thursdays 12 to 9
Closed on Monday

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Lots o craft fairs!

Dave and I spent last night walking around the One of a Kind ( show last night and were lulled by the great artisans.

We bought THE most expensive candy apple ever, but it was well worth the $12! It was covered in Caramel and Belgian Chocolate!…so yummy. I also bought some great stamps from the Old Stamp Company. Steve and Trudy are from Salt Spring Island and have this great company that creates very reasonable and original stamps, so naturally i bought a few!

I also went to the Crafternoon Tea this weekend and met Laural from who was one of the first people to really get me interested in DIY blogs. I also met Kim Kutner and got a bunch of her great cards and word bundles.

And so, as the holidays get closer i get ready for some down time. The great thing about being a performer is that Xmas is relatively quiet time. Unless of course you are in the Nutcracker..which is never going to be the case for me!

Melanie and Dave’s photography show has a few more days at It’s Not a Deli. If you want to go see it soon check out for more info! It’s quite beautiful.

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Weekend of Beads!

I spent much of this weekend getting over being’s a nasty flu that has been hanging on way too long!

Yesterday, i spent a few hours making some bracelets and taking photos of my beads. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time and finally i found the time.

I love beads because of the many possibilities. I create bead bits of art, necklaces, bracelets, and long strings of beads. I have often been asked to create pieces that are specific to people, which is fun so i get to look for special beads for special people!

I have been working at schools this past week, and realize how much work it would be to be a full time, that is a difficult job..but forever rewarding.

Here are a few photos of my beads that i thought i would share.

This coming week, i am focusing on creating some new bead works and finish my needle felted puppets.

Whoo hoo! Fun with art! I love it!

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Hadassh Wizo Madness!

Me and my sister in law Catherine, Went to the Hadassah Wizo Bazaar today! For those of you who don’t know, Hadassah Wizo Bazaar is a crazy sale for charity that happens once a year.. Normally the week before Halloween. Since i was young, i had heard about this sale and how you could get vintage gowns for $2.00 and shoes for $5.00.

I don’t know if it was ever like that but there are still a tonne of great deals.

I went first thing this morning, and immediately had gifts for my mom, some stuff for Lucas(my nephew…he’s the coolest 2 year old around!) and a few things for me!

I think Cath and I decided that we would do a yearly event.

Things i loved about this.

1. They sell salamis for $4.00
2. I got 10 wooden frames for $5.00
3. People from all walks of life are there. It’s great to sit and watch.
4. The books, mostly second hand, quirky selection..I found a Daniel Pinkwater book called Cone Kong! He’s my fave author who wrote Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death! Brilliant.

Things i don’t love about the bazaar:

1. Some people get rude and pushy. It’s for a charity people!
2. That most people grab anything that is placed down! Watch your coat! We are definitely hunter gatherers!
3. There was this lady dressed as a clown, but she was really scary, screaming at people and growling every once in a while. It was the beginnings of a horror story.

Anyhow, all in all a fun day! Till next year!

“A (wo)man is really never poor if (s)he still can laugh” – Irish Proverb