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Square Foot Show!

This happens to be one of my favourite shows in the city and i am so excited that i will be a part of it this year!  I have been working on three square foot pieces and am looking forward to seeing what they look like aside so many brilliant other pieces!  It would be great to see you there!

NEW offsite venue-  TWIST Gallery, 1100 Queen St. West (Queen & Dovercourt)

Exhibition dates: Saturday August 6th – 21st, 2010
Press/Collectors Preview Gala: Friday, August 5th, 7pm
(Tickets are $20.00 and proceeds from ticket sales will go to local charities. Tickets available online)

Public Reception: Saturday, August 6th, 7pm (free admission)

Often imitated but never duplicated! THE 2011 Square Foot Show at AWOL Gallery is once again set to become Toronto’s premier summer show! With hundreds of artists and over a thousand works of art, AWOL Gallery promises a dynamic visual art experience. Be the first to see the show at the Gala reception or stand in line (that’s right, this is one of only a few shows which creates a line up on opening night) and experience the artists’ reception, which attracted over 1000 people at last year’s event. The shows appeal is in the collective creative energy of having hundreds of local, national, and international artists in all media showcasing their work in a central location.
    Gallery Hours: Wed. – Sat. 12-7pm & Sun. 12-5pm.

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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit

It’s been a few years since I had checked out one of my favourite art shows in the city, but thankfully all went according to plan this past Sunday as we headed out on a hot and sunny day.  The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit was celebrating their 50th Anniversary, and i must say, how pleased i was to find some really great new talent.  

I left the show inspired and happy to have met and discussed art with some lovely new people!

Sometimes when you walk into a booth you want to be transported into a magical space that you want to be in forever.  This was what i felt when i walked into Amanda’s booth.  This installation made me feel as if i was underwater and bright orange jellyfish befriended me..the photos don’t do it justice, check out her work for sure.  Really magical.
Installation by Amanda McCavour

If you know me, you know that i am particularly enamoured with slightly dark and whimsical art.  I also love all things tiny, so i was happy happy happy to come across the work of So Yeon Michelle Kim.  Her dioramas are so captivating that i could stare at them for a long time.  

Red Sun
Beautiful dioramas by So Yeon Michelle Kim

Now let me first say that i was slightly repulsed by the large taxidermied racoon when i first saw it, but after talking with artist Kate Puxley, I understood and appreciated where she was coming from.  As an artist who creates pieces based on roadkill, she felt it wrong to dispose of the bodies after creating art with it, so she decided to learn the ancient art of taxidermy to honour the animals.  I fell in love with this small weasel.   She had mentioned that many people became enraged and angry with her, but i sort of found it fascinating as to how she took care of animals that so many people simply drive by.
A sleeping taxidermy weasel by Kate Puxley

And now for something completely different.  Every year when we go to this show we like to find a new artist and buy a small piece of art.  After looking at many pieces we settled upon an embroidered piece by Lucky Jackson.  Her work was fun, nostalgic and had such a sense of humour that i just couldn’t help but want it in my house.  

The amazing work of Lucky Jackson!
Check out all of these artists and let me know what you think! Who were your favourite artists?
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Linky McLinkerton – Toronto Crafters

 For the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge, today’s focus is to share some link love.  I am hoping that this will be a regular feature on my blog that has different themes each week.  

As someone who has been vending at Toronto Art and Craft Show for the past few years, i have had the grand pleasure of meeting a lot of talented and generous artists and artisans.  For my first linky post I would like to highlight a handful of Toronto bloggers. 

Thimble – This was one of the first blogs i ever read, and it really inspired me to start my own blog.  Full of tutorials, recipes and great music links! 

Sweetie Pie Press – The very talent Becky Johnson might just be one of the wonders of the world. I met Becky when she used to perform her quirky style of comedy around town.  These days she is travelling all around Canada and the States with her one of a kind zines and buttons and crochet goodness.  Her travels take her to the most interesting places.  She has a knack for sharing wonderful stories of crafty goodness.  

What you LoveAprile Elcich creates stunning collage pieces. She also has another blog where she features other collage artists.  Check out Not Paper here!

Needlebook – I totally appreciate the versatility that Claire Louise Milne has.  From illustration to sewing, to handspun yarn, she’s great.  

Fieldguided – Simply beautiful photography and great inspiration!

Carmi’s Art/Life World – Carmi posts almost everyday and showcases some fine art cards and jewellry.  

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The Friday Shine featuring Writer Sarah Selecky

gold dragonfly, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

A few days i posted some tips about welcoming more creativity in your life. I recieved a handful of emails telling me that #6 really resonated with them. I shared a story about my grandmother and how she believed that people should show their shine!

That same afternoon, while in the backyard, i noticed this brilliant dragonfly with gold wings was hanging around my plants.  While i did pool exercises, she flitted around, and then while i weeded the garden, it became clear that she was hanging around for a while.  She stayed in my garden for about an hour and a half.  Now, maybe i am a bit superstitious, but i took this as a sign that i have to continue to share the shine that i know in my own life. I took a photo of this lovely creature and soon after she flew away! She definitely showed me her shine! 

After some thought, I have decided that every Friday I am going to showcase some of the shiny creatives that i have met in person or on line. 
Without further ado, I would like to introduce our first feature of the Friday Shine, author and teacher Sarah Selecky. Her first book of short stories, “This Cake is For the Party” has quickly become one of my most favourite reads. Sarah’s stories are smart stunningly crafted stories that give us a glimpse into modern lives. The press has been really positive and i would suggest getting a copy at your local store or online!
Aside from writing, Sarah is a talented writing teacher who teaches classes and workshops at various locations in Toronto and beyond. She also keeps a great Twitterfeed with daily writing prompts. If you are looking for some quick inspiration to kickstart your writing practice, i would highly recommend this!
For more about Sarah and all the magic that she creates, please have a look at
Stay tuned for more of The Friday Shine! And if you have any ideas of who should be featured, please feel free to email me at

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Looking back to RED

Redness!, originally uploaded by dpnsan.

I was thinking about what i was doing this time last year and it occured to me that i was getting ready to present over 150 artists in 4 days for the RED Festival. I found this photo that Dave took of my hair and i was aglow in lovely memories of working with Erica K., watching amazing artists and seeing the audiences react to true art.

People have asked me how i feel since i closed the RED factory, and honestly, it was so wonderful while it lasted and i learnt so much from those five years, but i am glad.

You see, i think that it is a tricky thing to be an artist and to want to also present other artists and to want to bring people together. All of those things fall together and soon you forget about your own art. And well, i think that was what happened with me. While i was presenting everyone else, my art fell by the wayside.

A year later, i am slowly creating my own art again and feeling proud of all that i have done. And of course there is the Bread Cabaret that is a much more intimate version of RED that takes much less time to organize.

I learnt a lot from RED and here is the point form version…

1. Create something that you believe in and the people will come. Really, it’s true.

2. When you put brilliant artists together in one room, something magical is sure to happen.

3. It’s important not to micro manage people. Let them know that you believe in them, and give them the sky as the limit for what they can create and brilliance will ensue.

4. Drink water and eat well while working hard.

5. Have a sense of humour while working with all people. Us humans are sensitive folks, and sometimes we get nervous about showing our souls…a little laugh will make things feel all right!