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Encyclopedia of Everything

encylopedia of everything


I love challenges and so when Hundred Dollar Gallery asked if I wanted to do a show with local author and dear friend Gary Barwin, I was very interested.  I was wanting to do something bookish and so, I decided to create collages out of a set of encyclopedias from 1952.  I am allowed to add up to 5 extra pieces of ephemera to each collage but each piece will have paper only from one volume from the set.  It’s been interesting to combine such abstract images together to create a cohesive piece. I have a handful more to finish and I am very excited to share so I hope that you will join us at Encyclopedia of Everything. 

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GirlCanCreate Organizes!

GirlCanCreate Organizes!, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

When I had a baby i knew that I had to reinvent the way that I worked in the studio. I wasn’t sure exactly what it would look like, but by now, I have some good ideas. 

Planning small helps. During the day when I am in charge of caring for Max, I can’t do big projects, but while he naps I can do production like things ie, stamping cards, making paper packs, finding images for buttons. I can’t plan big or i find myself frustrated for sure. 

Don’t work in the studio during the day. I bring little boxes of stuff to work on upstairs and while he sleeps, i take it out and do it. When he wakes everything goes back into the box and it goes back downstairs. 

Be flexible. This is the most important thing. There are days when I don’t get anything done. I must remember that taking care of a baby is a lot of wonderful work and if I don’t have the energy by the end of the day, it’s okay to take a break from the studio.  

When in studio breath and have fun. Wednesdays and weekends are my time to have in the studio along with some evenings. Dave comes home and we all eat together and then I go to work. Somehow, having a baby and a limited time in studio really makes me focused, which i love. I can get more done as long as I go down, and breathe and do a quick meditation. It’s amazing, how much more I can get done on such a short amount of time compared to how little I used to get done when i used to have unlimited time. Unbelievable!

As i continue to grow as an artist and as a mother i will figure this all out. It’s all such a gift. Creation. Wow.
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Fear and Francis

When i sat down to collage, i had this overwhelming fear that i had lost my creativity, my talent, my sense of colour and texture that i love so much. I was reminded of so many of my clients who i work with, and i welcomed the fear and slowly coached myself to creating something. 

In the past 11 months i have not created much art work. I journaled and sketched and wrote a lot but spending time in the studio just wasn’t going to happen with the amount of fatigue and nausea i was experiencing. 
So in the past few weeks i have been spending a few hours every day in the studio. At first I spent some time organizing everything as we had moved my studio to the basement, and then i ended up putting together paper packs and finally i created Francis. 
As i would be there every day, i would gather images and ideas that slowly spurred me to create what you see. Sometimes i think it’s best to jump right in, but this time round it was perfect to just take my time, play and gather ideas as i gathered confidence. 
I like the oval canvas and look forward to working more with them!