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Encyclopedia of Everything

encylopedia of everything


I love challenges and so when Hundred Dollar Gallery asked if I wanted to do a show with local author and dear friend Gary Barwin, I was very interested.  I was wanting to do something bookish and so, I decided to create collages out of a set of encyclopedias from 1952.  I am allowed to add up to 5 extra pieces of ephemera to each collage but each piece will have paper only from one volume from the set.  It’s been interesting to combine such abstract images together to create a cohesive piece. I have a handful more to finish and I am very excited to share so I hope that you will join us at Encyclopedia of Everything. 

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Sharing the Papery Goodness

My new Etsy shop that will be selling ephemera for collage artists! 

As a collage artist I tend to collect a LOT of papers and photos and books and wonderful vintage ephemera.  In the past year I realized that I don’t need all of these papers, or shall I say that it dawned on me that there is no way in a million years that i will be able to use all of what i have.

One of the most common questions I get asked at craft shows is “Where do you get your paper from?  I will finally be able to let them know that aside from antique markets, estate sales, charity shops and garage sales, that you can get paper from me!

I know what sort of images I am drawn to, and know what I don’t use in my work.  So I am proud to say that by the end of the week I will be presenting the new Etsy Shop Collagio.

In putting together this shop, I decided that it was time that I learnt how to make a banner.  The above image is my first foray into any sort of digital creations.  I know it’s simple but  am quite proud of it!

I look forward to sharing the vintagey papery goodness by the end of the week!

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Paper Pieces

I have been working on a few new styles of collage involving paper as opposed to canvas and wood.  Here they are!

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Collage a Day. Number 4.

He and She Collage, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.
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Collage a Day. Number 3.

Telegram Collage, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

I am doing the collage a day project, but i am sort of sucking at taking photos, so they might be every other day or so, but it’s really refreshing to take time just to keep on putting images, colours and thoughts down on paper.

Some of these will be for sale at the seasonal craft shows i am doing!