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A moment for meditation



As an artist and a mother I have always found it necessary to find moments of quiet and contemplation during my busy days. In my past I tried traditional meditation again and again, and somehow it just never stuck.  Sitting still in a quiet room just didn’t work for me.  I mean, it worked, it did calm my mind, and it chilled but I so looked for something different.

Many years ago, I found the magical art of beading.  I was inspired by the work of Eleanor Wiley, a woman with an amazing story who created large beaded pieces and traveled the world talking about how it save her life.  When i met her, I became enamoured by these small pieces that I started creating.  Throughout the years, I realize that these beads that I have created were in fact my meditation.  A marriage of stillness and creativity that calmed my mind, and let me breathe deeply.

I am interested in sharing these pieces, which i call VIDA Beads, to others.  VIDA Beads are contemporary meditation pieces that offer a tactile experience to remind us of what is important in the world.  I create the pieces from beads that i have gathered from around the world.  I will be offering to sell these pieces on Etsy at reasonable prices.

To me beading is a joy.  An honour. A meditation that i hope to share with others.


Buddha- Vida Beads


Deity - Vida Beads


RED - Vida Beads



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Art Biz Blog Saves The Day

So, although i said that i would be back to posting every day, i admit that this hasn’t happened in the past month.  What to publish? What could i possible have to share that would be of benefit to my readers?

I realized that I am now in a similar spot as I was many years ago when i first started my Blogger blog (  Not quite sure where I am in my career, a little bit overwhelmed by it all and wanting to do a million things.  One of the ways that i was inspired to blog so many moons ago was because of other bloggers.  And so, today, as i sit in my bed with the worst cold I decided to start looking for new inspiration. Happy to say that I found it!

I have been acquainted with the work of Alyson Stanfield for many years but for some reason I have never read her blog, and today at the most perfect time, I read her most recent post, and then the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that.  It’s amazing and full of real life solutions for being blocked.  The one thing that really struck me is the idea of writing once a week to begin and then as the momentum builds to go with it.  So here I am.

I highly recommend checking out Alyson’s wonderful blog Art Biz Blog where you can find so much to help in every aspect of your art blog. Can’t wait to get back on track!

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Wishcasting Wednesday : What do i want to make time for?

As always, there happens to be a serendipitous moment with some of my thoughts this morning and with Jamie’s Wishcasting Question today.  

I found myself awake at 4 this morning.  The baby woke up from a really congested head, and after i put him down i starting thinking about the next few months.  I am doing the One of a Kind Show which is the biggest show in Toronto, if not Ontario which houses 850 vendors.  I am looking for a house in Hamilton and am thinking about the holidays.  

My day is structured with naps, lunch, another short nap and then off to drop the baby at daycare and only then do i have 3 hours alone to work on my art.  I realized that i will have to get my start working till 9 to meet my quota of art.  Sheesh…it’s funny to think that i have an art quota to meet.  But that is the business of art, i suppose. 

All of this to say that i need time to walk around my city aimlessly by myself looking for inspiration.  Right now i am putting everything out into the world.  I need to eat up some beautiful art, interesting landscape, fresh cool air, urban spaces along with quiet parks.  

This week I will take some time to find what it is that i need that feeds me (other than the most yummy ice cream sandwiches from a new bakery in my neighbourhood called Bakerbots Bakery!)  I need to feed my soul and only then will it feel like i have found balance!

I am wishing you all a great week and hope this finds you wonderful well!
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Babies and Blogs: Finding the Balance

Sharing some time with one of my fave furry felines!

My first attempt at a Artist Journal

More buttons from Scientific America!

Lots of things going on, so many things in fact that my brain turned to mush for much of June 😉

Am back now, and hope to post with some regularity, but my challenge is this.  How does one balance the world of baby and blog? I find it especially difficult with my limited time to make art, clean the house and see friends, never mind write a blog post!

However, it’s July now, and i have been accepted to some pretty exciting shows for the fall so i am hoping that i will be able to share what i am working on! Max is getting older now and we are getting into a lovely routine!

Just this past week, I took some time to start my first artist journal.  A few months ago, while working on an artist education project, I accidentally bought a bunch of paper bags thinking that we would make paper puppets.  We didn’t and i kept on looking at the 200 bags on my shelf wondering how i would ever use them.  Fast forward to last week, and it occured to me that i could cut them open and use them as journal pages.  When i have enough, i might affix them to fabric and bind them in a book.

And of course, my never ending obsession of buttons.  This months features have been antique Scientific American, Ebony 1957, and 1970 McCall’s Needlework and Craft Magazine!

Soon I will be creating more new art and i look forward to sharing it all with you! Can’t wait!

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Lots o Art!

Spent some time in the studio doing some needlefelting.  It was so much fun!

Sunday we had a small but fun group of people show up for the May Make and Trade at the workroom. If you want to be kept abreast of our happenings, please sign up here! Here the lovely Jinny of Ruby and Apple works on some fabric cards!
A photo of me during a rehearsal for the Deep Wireless Festival.  It’s one of my favourite fests in the city and i felt so lucky to be a part of the Radio Theatre Ensemble.  This time around it featured Francois Girourd, Brandon Labelle, and Jessica Thomson and myself.  

Two weeks ago, i worked on the Theatre Direct Project for Round Trip Home.  What fun! Here is the fruit of our labour! Small toy theatres that the kids created, designed and performed!
Of course we started planting our garden.  It’s really green this year, but we plan to add more flowers this weekend.  Can’t wait!