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8 Ways to Welcome More Art into your Life

1. Imagine a Big Space for you in your Art World

When i first started my career as a dance/theatre artist, a dear mentor had some advice. 

“You have created a nice little space for yourself in the performance world, but that isn’t enough.  It has to be bigger.  Imagine yourself in bigger space, bigger pieces, performing to bigger audiences. Your energy needs to be able to fill a big space. Trust me, i know.”

I listened to her and simply journalled and moved forward boldly.  6 months later, I found myself working in Montreal, Ireland and Mexico.  What a great gift!

2. Small Steps

After thinking about your Big Space, take a small step towards it. People often tell me that they don’t have enough time to create anything, to which i ask if they have 15 minutes a day.  They often reply that they in fact do.  At the end of a week or two, you will find that your energy has gone up, and that 15 minutes isn’t enough, so you take 30 minutes.  And that, dear friends is more than nothing.  You are closer to creating what you dream of. 

3.  Create a Practice. 

Surgeons and Dentists have a medical practice. 
Yoga teachers have practices. 
Atheletes practice for months before the season begins.  

Start a creative practice. There is a great myth that creatives are just born this way when in fact it takes a very LONG time to be able to pirouette across the stage like a graceful swan, to play the violin with meaning, to draw a perfect circle.  It takes years of classes, hard work, and focus to get to where it looks simple.  Take classes, seek out mentors, read books and surround yourself with inspiration, and most importantly of all, create a practice dedicated to your dream. 

4.  Reach Out to Others

I have always believe in the magic of reaching out to others.  Go to shows, meet other artists and start conversations.  Ask someone whose work you admire to tea and ask them for art advice.  Send an email to a favourite author. You will be surprised who might agree to meet up with you!   Find out about professional organizations.  Go to art shows.  Talk to friends who create on a regular basis.  Soon enough you will find a community to call on when you are looking for support, advice, and comraderie.  

5. Know what you want. 

Some of my creativity clients simply want to have more art in their lives.  This might mean finding a great class, an outlet for self expression.  They know that art makes them happy, and they don’t want to give up their day jobs.  The other half of my clients tend to be professional artists that make a living from their art.  It’s important to know what you want otherwise you might find yourself putting undue pressure on yourself, or alternately not being focused enough to get your work done.  Both have specific needs, and both are valid and wonderful.  

6.  Show the World Your Shine

My grandmother once told me that if you held what was special about yourself too close people would never see it.  She said that you had to show the world your shine so that they would see and appreciate your own special brand of magic.  This is important, because we often create in isolation, and breaking out into the world is scary.  But part of the magic of creating art, for me, is that moment when someone sees your work and gets it. When it stirs something in them, when it kick starts some sort of conversation.  And then the viewer is inspired as are you, which might just send you back to the studio with more desire to create than before!

7.  Have Fun and Work Hard

Being an artist is hard.  But finding a balance between magic of creation and hard work will make you a happier and more fulfilled artist.  

8. Sharing is a Good Thing

Share your knowledge.  Share your art.  No need to share how you create how you make what you do, but simply sharing ideas and thoughts feeds the gigantic well of worldly art inspiration.  And once you start sharing with others, you will be surprised what might come your way!

There are probably 20 more things that i could tell you about creativity, but to me, these are some of the most aspects of creative work. 

In my work as a creativity coach, i feel blessed to be able to help others make their dreams a reality.  Hopefully some of these tips helped you take a step towards your creative goals!

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Lots o Art!

Spent some time in the studio doing some needlefelting.  It was so much fun!

Sunday we had a small but fun group of people show up for the May Make and Trade at the workroom. If you want to be kept abreast of our happenings, please sign up here! Here the lovely Jinny of Ruby and Apple works on some fabric cards!
A photo of me during a rehearsal for the Deep Wireless Festival.  It’s one of my favourite fests in the city and i felt so lucky to be a part of the Radio Theatre Ensemble.  This time around it featured Francois Girourd, Brandon Labelle, and Jessica Thomson and myself.  

Two weeks ago, i worked on the Theatre Direct Project for Round Trip Home.  What fun! Here is the fruit of our labour! Small toy theatres that the kids created, designed and performed!
Of course we started planting our garden.  It’s really green this year, but we plan to add more flowers this weekend.  Can’t wait!
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Next Chapter – Week 2- Take 2

I had already finished this entry but then reread Leah’s post and felt inspired to answer the questions in the book.  So, here is take two.  Enjoy!
When did your creative awakening or reawakening occur?  

When i was in grade five i had a teacher named Mr. Nero who challenged us all to find what we loved.  I remember acting out parts in books and performing them for the class a few times a week.  It was then that i realized that i was a natural performer.  It was inspiring and wonderful, and yet sometimes made me wish that i was just like all the other kids, but i wasn’t which i now realize is a gift but at the time it felt like i was cursed.  
What talents do you have naturally?  Well, i have been told that i have the ability to make people laugh, and a minute later move them to tears while storytelling and performing.  Which was a compliment although i didn’t know it at the time!   I have a natural ability to bring together people from totally different worlds and help them create magical things together in a safe and creative environment. 
What elements (fire, water, wood, air) draw you toward them? I am especially drawn towards water and fire, because i believe in balance.  Too much of one thing is well, just too much!  However, i do love to spend a lot of time in pools, baths, in the rain, so water might be more dominant!
Where and when do you create?  I create on a daily basis as i am a full time performance artist.  So, this might look like working in a studio on a piece on day, and then the next day creating some visual art.  I have two studios.  One in my home and one outside of my home where i get quiet time more often!
What activates your creative energy and what drains it? Movement activates it, as does finding a very steady schedule.  I am drained by too many administrative tasks in one day and by working with difficult people.  
Do you use creative rituals?  Yes, most definitely.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but when i am in the studio I turn on this little tree light that i got at Ikea a thousand years ago which to me means, that the artist is in!  And i create a list of my intentions every day along with morning pages.  All of these are important parts of my practice.  
Does nature influence your creativity?  Totally!  A few times a year i find myself doing a solo nature retreat, which basically means, that for 7 days, i go to a cabin up north, surround myself with paints, books, collage pieces, music and films that inspire me and i a just do what i want.  Everyday i hike and go to the water weather permitting.  I find it incredible and essential for my creative practice!
What has been your greatest creative hurdle so far?  Well, hmm, i am not sure.  I think that everyone once in a while i do too much and become very overwhelmed.  Yes, that would be it!
What time of day are you most receptive to inspiration?  When i was younger, I tried to do all of my work in the morning because many books, i.e The Artists Way and Creativity books, all stress the importance of working in the morning.  I however like to putter and prefer the morning for more menial tasks.  I love to begin creating at about 6 until about twelve at night.  For me that is optimum creation time!
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Mail Art

Crafting 365 – Mail Art, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

I used to doodle a lot. And often, when i was growing up, i didn’t have a lot of art supplies. Not because we didn’t have them, it was more like I didn’t even know they existed!

The other day while opening some mail, i decided that i would go back to those yummy free days of doodling! I found this great envelope, got out my gel pens and spent a nice time just drawing this lady.

I sort of fell off the crafting and collage a day kick, but am getting right back on. I am working at schools which takes a lot of energy, but feel like all is well and good!

I have listed a few Artist Cards on Etsy, so do feel free to go and check them out at

Let me know what you think!