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We are in the middle of a heatwave right now, and it is a reminder of where i was last year.  It seems like an eternity ago that i was all pregnant and getting ready for the arrival of Max.  I think that one of the great things about having a blog is being able to look back and to remember some of your life experiences!


I have been getting back to my online work of blogging, twitter, facebook and of course etsy! Here are some new vintage buttons that i have just listed.  In the next few weeks i will start putting more of my original work along with prints and buttons!

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Family Friday – Introducing Max!

It’s almost been a year since Max was born, and at that time, i announced that this blog would not become a mommy blog, nor would it have copious amounts of cutesy baby photos.  It would be about my creative process and that alone.  

It occured to me that one of the problems with such a  statement was that much of my creative life these days actually were focused around Max.  Because of the grandiose proclamation to the world, I felt that i could never really mention Max, which made it difficult for me to post on a regular basis.  

Well, here is a new announcement!  

Every Friday, I will talk about my family life, and our escapades with the little one.  I will discuss the joys and challenges of being a mom, along with some of our shennanigans! 

So, without further ado, meet Max!

Max was born on September 1, 2010.  He had rough beginnings as he had two surgeries in the first two months of life.  One for a twisted bowel and the second, more serious one for an obstructed bowel where they removed 45 cms of bowel.  We are so pleased to let everyone know that Max is doing really well, crawling all over, standing by himself and eating everything in sight!

Me and Max at the Workroom Trunk Show
He loves music, and bright colours, and is a really intense people watcher!  

In my life with him, he has taught me patience, joy, and how to live life in the present.  
Max and his Dad!
What a gift to be a mother to such an active and wonderful boy! I feel blessed!
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Snail Mail Art Card – ATC Swap!

And so, if you know me, you know that i LOVE Artist Trading Cards.  I first discovered them when i embarked on the world of making after needing a break from my world as a theatre artist/storyteller, so i was particularly happy to find the world of art cards.  

They were and continue to be such a small step towards big creativity.  When stuck, i find that working out a few cards gets the juices going and makes me inspired to create more art of any shape or size.  

And so, i am proud to announce the GirlCanCreate Snail Mail ATC Swap!  I have attached all of the details below and extended the deadline to July 20th!  I look forward to having you along and sharing your cards!  


Here are the details!
What?  An open themed ATC Swap for the Summer of 2011.   You send in 11 cards, one for the moderator, and 10 for trade along with your address and you will receive 10 cards back. 
There is no theme for the swap, and the only rule is that the cards be 2.5” by 3.5” and have your name and date written on the back.
When?  The deadline is July 20, 2011 so please have all of your cards to me by then.  If you might be late, please email me at to let me know the status of your cards. 
All cards will be mailed out on July 25, 2011 so depending upon where you are expect them the first week of August. 
How?  You create 11 cards, put them in an envelope, mail them to me and by mid August a package will come your way with 10 cards from other artists!
Once you have your cards finished, please mail them to
88 Hallam St
Toronto, ON
M6H 1W8
In your envelope please include your email address and mailing address.  You will be contacted by me via email when I have received your cards.  If you have mailed your cards and haven’t heard back, please contact me. 

Who?  This swap is organized by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura of  Lisa has been hosting ATC Make and Trades at Wise Daughters for the past two years in hopes of spreading the good word of Art Cards.  Ideal for  both beginner and experienced traders, please join the fun!

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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit

It’s been a few years since I had checked out one of my favourite art shows in the city, but thankfully all went according to plan this past Sunday as we headed out on a hot and sunny day.  The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit was celebrating their 50th Anniversary, and i must say, how pleased i was to find some really great new talent.  

I left the show inspired and happy to have met and discussed art with some lovely new people!

Sometimes when you walk into a booth you want to be transported into a magical space that you want to be in forever.  This was what i felt when i walked into Amanda’s booth.  This installation made me feel as if i was underwater and bright orange jellyfish befriended me..the photos don’t do it justice, check out her work for sure.  Really magical.
Installation by Amanda McCavour

If you know me, you know that i am particularly enamoured with slightly dark and whimsical art.  I also love all things tiny, so i was happy happy happy to come across the work of So Yeon Michelle Kim.  Her dioramas are so captivating that i could stare at them for a long time.  

Red Sun
Beautiful dioramas by So Yeon Michelle Kim

Now let me first say that i was slightly repulsed by the large taxidermied racoon when i first saw it, but after talking with artist Kate Puxley, I understood and appreciated where she was coming from.  As an artist who creates pieces based on roadkill, she felt it wrong to dispose of the bodies after creating art with it, so she decided to learn the ancient art of taxidermy to honour the animals.  I fell in love with this small weasel.   She had mentioned that many people became enraged and angry with her, but i sort of found it fascinating as to how she took care of animals that so many people simply drive by.
A sleeping taxidermy weasel by Kate Puxley

And now for something completely different.  Every year when we go to this show we like to find a new artist and buy a small piece of art.  After looking at many pieces we settled upon an embroidered piece by Lucky Jackson.  Her work was fun, nostalgic and had such a sense of humour that i just couldn’t help but want it in my house.  

The amazing work of Lucky Jackson!
Check out all of these artists and let me know what you think! Who were your favourite artists?
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Fear and Francis

When i sat down to collage, i had this overwhelming fear that i had lost my creativity, my talent, my sense of colour and texture that i love so much. I was reminded of so many of my clients who i work with, and i welcomed the fear and slowly coached myself to creating something. 

In the past 11 months i have not created much art work. I journaled and sketched and wrote a lot but spending time in the studio just wasn’t going to happen with the amount of fatigue and nausea i was experiencing. 
So in the past few weeks i have been spending a few hours every day in the studio. At first I spent some time organizing everything as we had moved my studio to the basement, and then i ended up putting together paper packs and finally i created Francis. 
As i would be there every day, i would gather images and ideas that slowly spurred me to create what you see. Sometimes i think it’s best to jump right in, but this time round it was perfect to just take my time, play and gather ideas as i gathered confidence. 
I like the oval canvas and look forward to working more with them!