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i have been looking through photos of our honeymoon in Europe last year and wanted to share some of my photos…hope you enjoy…

A photo of me in Cesky Krumlov in Czeck Republic and then a beautiful sunset in Hvar, Croatia. It’s good to have a husband who is also a photographer!

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photo test!

These are a few photos from Puppets in Prague last year! Dave was showing me how to post so i can jazz up the blog!



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weekend of creating

And so, Dave and I had a great day yesterday as we created our first Artist Trading Cards together. For those of you who don’t know what they are, imaging pieces of art the size of playing cards that are sweet and lovely and as unique as the person who creates it.

I am always fascinated by the creative process. Sometimes it’s messy and all over…and then other times it’s precise and contained. I am the type of creator that works best when i have all of my “stuff” around me! But Dave is different as he picks what he is going to use and then neatly uses it! At the end of the day, we both create beautifully…just differently. I think that it’s a sweet thing to realize and celebrate the differences.

Well, in two days i will be filming She Said Saffron as part of a National Television show called Solo Flight. It’s all very exciting and i can’t believe that it’s happening!

I finished another felted head today. It’s amazing how the faces appear to me! Truly brilliant!

I am going to start getting photos so that i can start posting my stuff so that i can ask for opinions!

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Hadassh Wizo Madness!

Me and my sister in law Catherine, Went to the Hadassah Wizo Bazaar today! For those of you who don’t know, Hadassah Wizo Bazaar is a crazy sale for charity that happens once a year.. Normally the week before Halloween. Since i was young, i had heard about this sale and how you could get vintage gowns for $2.00 and shoes for $5.00.

I don’t know if it was ever like that but there are still a tonne of great deals.

I went first thing this morning, and immediately had gifts for my mom, some stuff for Lucas(my nephew…he’s the coolest 2 year old around!) and a few things for me!

I think Cath and I decided that we would do a yearly event.

Things i loved about this.

1. They sell salamis for $4.00
2. I got 10 wooden frames for $5.00
3. People from all walks of life are there. It’s great to sit and watch.
4. The books, mostly second hand, quirky selection..I found a Daniel Pinkwater book called Cone Kong! He’s my fave author who wrote Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death! Brilliant.

Things i don’t love about the bazaar:

1. Some people get rude and pushy. It’s for a charity people!
2. That most people grab anything that is placed down! Watch your coat! We are definitely hunter gatherers!
3. There was this lady dressed as a clown, but she was really scary, screaming at people and growling every once in a while. It was the beginnings of a horror story.

Anyhow, all in all a fun day! Till next year!

“A (wo)man is really never poor if (s)he still can laugh” – Irish Proverb

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My first appearance as a blogger!

And so, here i am inspired by many artists and crafty folk in the world. I have been reading so many DIY blogs that i thought that perhaps it might be good if i started my own blog.

So here it goes.

Argh. I don’t know what to write…and i suppose that is why this is a test.

Why do I want a blog?

1. To keep a sort of journal of my artistic and crafty escapades!
2. To find a online place to put some of my thoughts.
3. To write and connect with people outside of my immediate community
4. To have more control over my words online, so i don’t have to have my lovely web designer post everything for me! ie, to learn more about the world of online web stuff.
5. To share some of my wacky thoughts and ideas!

Okay, and so, this is why i want a blog.

“Nobody gets bored when they dream” – Fernando Savater