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My Very Cute Cat Beans

My Very Cute Cat Beans, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

Sometimes a little furry animal such as this guy makes your day..he makes mine..

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A Night of RED, and a blue day…

Yesterday was a bit of a difficult one..

Sad stories in the news and it being the anniversary of the montreal massacre. it was all a bit of a downer. So, i was finding it difficult to get my face on for a night of live performance that i organize on a bi-monthly event.

However, i was so reminded of why i create art and why i curate this show that has been going on for four years. It was an all woman line up and we featured singer songwriters, dancers, filmmakers, hip hop artists and theatre artists. We also had an artisans marketplace.

As i sat in the back..well, stood, ready to solve any problem that came up!!!..i was so proud to be a part of such a strong and powerful community of artists who are truly inspiring and brilliant. The performances last night were reflective, beautiful, funny and heartwarming. I know why i continue putting together these nights, because i get to see magic happen. It is a pure pleasure. The proceeds went to Sistering ( So by the end of the night i felt hope for human kind once again.

I also am the proud new owner of a puppet from Banjo Puppets ( and a bag from Linnea Swan and a beautiful necklace from Jeelee Joolery (!!

Once I figure out how to use the link button, i will link you to all of these amazing sites and people.

I am off to fix up my house and get my studio together to begin some serious beadwork!

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I have found a new medium to hopefully help me make puppet heads. You see, for the most part i get help with puppet heads. I just haven’t been able to do it. But now, after finding needlefelting, i have found a way to sculpt and get results that i like!

Here are a few of my most recent Works In Progress.

And then i am working on a two dimensional piece about the Tree of Life. I love the colours that i can get. It’s like painting but without the mess of paint!

whoo hoo!

Anyhow..let me know what you think of these…i would love some feedback!

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Rain, lotsa rain!

And so, yesterday i spent much of my time commuting around Toronto for a bunch of short little meetings that drove me a bit wonky.

Dave and I went to pick up flyers for RED ( An event that i currate at Lula Lounge, for more info see As we were walking we noticed that the long awaited new used bookstore has opened! We went in and bought a few books! And we found an amazing catalog of Hundertwasser from the Tel Aviv Museum! It is amazing.

Afterwards we went to an opening for a friend of ours, Shelly Fowler. It’s a great exhibit and i would highly recommend anyone in the Toronto area to go and check it out.

New Work by Shelly Fowler and Lynne McIlvride Evans

Gallery: 1043 Bathurst Street, Toronto ( South of Dupont)

Exhibition continues to December 14

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 6
Thursdays 12 to 9
Closed on Monday

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My travel postcards

I had super fun putting together some of these travel postcards. It was really relaxing! I thought that i would post them here for everyone to see!

Let me know what you think of them.