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New Red Hair

New Red Hair, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

In the spirit of the holidays, i went to a shop called grateful head that is located at Dundas and Ossington and had some RED colour! What do you think?

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Night Waves

Night Waves, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

the movement is beautful. taken on the streets of Toronto at Queen and Spadina!

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Something marvelous

Something marvelous, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

i love this detail of a felted piece that i created for a swap. makes me feel like all is going to be good in the world.

It’s been a quiet and lovely christmas, we have both been sick so we have stayed at home and laid low. whoo hoo. i am going to post some more photos!

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one week before xmas

it’s been unusally warm in Toronto and it feels more like march than December. I think the weather is contributing to me feeling very unexcited about the holidays..

however, i am excited about the new year and all of my grand plans!

every year i spend a day writing down what i have accomplished in the past year and then planning out what i would like to accomplish next in my personal and creative/career life.

And then i put it away for the whole year. I am always amazed at the end of the year when i look back at the list and see how many things have been accomplished. I truly do believe in the power of intention.

The coming years dreams involve children, radio and puppets! Whoo hoo!

I spent the other day walking around leslieville and saw some great trees…dark big and beautiful trees.

here they are!

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My New Friend Hubble

My New Friend Hubble, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

Today was gloomy and damp. To lighten my spirits i went for a walk where at Queen and Leslieville. This is where i met Hubble. After that the day seemed bright!