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Dream Dinner Party

Guest one must be someone who is/was creative with words – a novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, journalist, etc. Who would you invite?

Only one? I think that it might have to be Daniel Pinkwater who is a master of brilliant quirky books for children and adults alike. His book The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death totally rocked my world. His essays are great as well and he is often heard on NPR.

Guest two must be someone who is/was creative with images – a painter, photographer, sculptor, fabric artist, collage artist, etc. Who would you invite?

The beautiful Marc Chagall. His images are so dreamy that i would love to meet the man who created such intricate and vibrant work. I saw the Chagall window in Jerusalem and they were awesome!

Guest three must be someone who is/was a performer – an actor, singer, musician, comedian, acrobat, etc. Who would you invite?

Gilda Radner. Hands down. Gilda was the first performer who ever made me think that i could be a performer. She scrunched up her face, allowed herself to be vulnerable and didn’t care what she looked like in order to make people laugh. She was also, a kind person from what i read. I would like to sit next to her and listen to her tell stories!

Guest four must be someone who is charting/charted new territory – either in the physical sense, like an explorer, adventurer, or astronaut, or someone like a groundbreaking scientist or inventor. Who would you invite?

I think that Meredith Monk has been charting new territory in sound and performance. She pushes to the limits and that is incredibly important.

Guest five must be someone who is/was a leader of other people – perhaps in the area of politics, like the literal leader of a country, or perhaps a leader in the area of religion, military, business, or even a great philosopher or teacher, or an inspiring athlete. Who would you invite?

I would love to have Coretta Scott King at the table. She has a few things to share, i am sure!

Guest six must be someone from any field who you believe is/was underrated and under-appreciated by most people, but whom you admire. Who would you invite?

Prince, I don’t know if heis under rated but i don’t know that many people who dig him. I think he is a musical genius.

Guest seven is a wild card – your choice! Is there someone you’d like to invite who didn’t seem to quite fit into any category, or was there a category where you’d have really liked to invite two different people? Then this is your chance to add the person you missed to the table. Who would you invite?

My dear husband Dave, cause what fun is it to have a dinner party and not share the stories with someone you love so much. I always love going home and talking about what was brilliant about the night, and what challenged me

Bonus: Uh Oh! The dinner party is just about to end, and all your guests are about to disappear, and you realize that you’ve forgotten to ask one important question of one of your guests. You just barely have time to squeeze in that last question, so quick! – what was the question and who did you ask?

hmmm..this one is tough…i think that i might ask gilda what made her laugh and be so truly unique and geniune. For that was the most special thing about her!

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Wanting Snow and Loving Miss Sunshine

I don’t know if i have ever in my entire life wanted snow. But after watching “An Inconvenient Truth” a few days ago i am really wanting our winter to arrive. I mean, Canada is supposed to have insanely cold winters. Come on Mr Frost, bring on the super freeze! If you haven’t seen this documentary you should. Be warned, it isn’t happy. It’s frightening and important for us to know about now so that we can begin to change it so our world isn’t totally f**ked!

We also watched Little Miss Sunshine which is amazing!!! I had heard about it from my lovely friend Meagan and didn’t know much about it. It has Greg Kinnear, Toni Collete and Alan Arkin along with some other actors i don’t know. Great acting, and such a lovely touch about such a disfunctional family..

Off i go to work on some more ATC’s..i am loving them a lot lately.

Here are a few more that i created a few days ago!

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Us, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

We took these photos at a xmas party and they gave each guest two dollars so that we could use the photo booth.

I have to wax poetic about Dave. He rocks my world and i wonder how it is that i married such a brilliant man who is a best friend, lover, and partner in crime!

he is incredibly talented which only points me toward me creating more work. I love him dearly. i feel very blessed.

and i think that is something to always remember…

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Happy New Year!

I spent New Years Eve at home with my love and a few friends. We decided that we would create two Artist Trading Cards each. One would be what we wanted to say good bye to in the new year and the other was what we wanted in the New Year! I have never really been about resolutions so this seemed like the most perfect thing to do.

I believe in intentions. Every year for the past 15 years or so i write down what i am proud of from the past year. And then i write down what i want to do in the new year! I often then put this away in a drawer and only revisit it in early December to find that about 85 percent of what i desired came true. Of course, it’s not just about writing it down, it’s about taking action. But in a small step by step way as opposed to change the world in one second way.

This past year i have done a lot that i am proud of! I was a participant in LaMama’s 7th International Director’s Symposium which was brilliant. I filmed my one woman show “She Said Saffron” which will be shown in the spring across Canada! It’s also been a great year of collaboration with Park Pieces in June and Paradise Project in September! Truly a gift to work with such great artists! I have also taken time to really chill out and just be at home with my husband which for me is a big BIG accomplishment! heehee

This coming year i hope for some travel, a few new shows, and new artistic endeavors! (The thing about my list is i don’t really let everyone know what my plans are in a big announcement, more on a one to one basis..if you are curious, email me, i just might tell you!

I also wish for a serious amount of health for my nephew Lucas. Lucas is 2 and has had many health issues since he was born. He has just been admitted to hospital because he has some sort of strep infection…they don’t know if it is pneumonia or an infection in his blood. Nonetheless..please include him in your wishes, thoughts and prayers. he could use a good amount of good vibes right now.

I wish you all a magical year full of art, craft and culture.

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Tree Of Life Felted Piece

Tree Of Life Felted Piece, originally uploaded by girlcancreate.

Here it is. the finished Tree of Life piece. I would have removed the word Life if i did it again, but i think it’s pretty good for a first time.

Lately i have taken to working with textiles so that i can continue creating a new style of puppet head for a project that i have planned in the new year. I will let you in on the details when i know more!!!

Happy New Year!