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Inspiration Monday: The Artist Project 2012

Since moving to Hamilton I have seen more visual art than i have I ever have.  It seems that the galleries are more accessible and both the Art Crawl and The Pearl Company’s Art Bus really contribute to me feeling that way.  Oddly, i haven’t been taking a lot of photos on those trips, maybe because i didn’t want to feel like such a tourist.  However, a visit back to Toronto had me snapping photos of some of the artists who interested me most at The Artist Project.  Here are a handful of what i enjoyed the most!

Keita Morimoto’s portraits were both whimisical yet haunting.  I loved the use of bright colours and the exageration of the eyes making them look a bit more vulnerable than most.  I look forward to seeing more of this artist’s work in the future. 

Casey Roberts creates paintings with a photochemical process known as cyanotype.  Combining cynotype with collage elements and watercolour create a very unique effect that i haven’t seen anywhere before.  So lovely, and when i spoke to Casey he seemed like one of the kindest people ever and that always wins points with me.  

Check out his work at

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Getting back to business

Last week, i saw a call for artists to present their work at the Ideal Home and Garden Show at the Careport Centre in Hamilton.  So Dave and I pulled out some of our latest work and put it up! 

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The Winter Collages

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A Little Lost

For the past few months i have been a bit all over the place with this blog.  Wanting for it to become more about my art and craft, and that i also want to feature others work, and vintage and my life as a mama and an artist.  So as you see, it is truly a bit flighty. 

Our backyard and the garage that later this year will be transformed into my studio!
I decided that it’s time to get a bit of help with it, so i will be taking CraftyPod’s online class called Craft Blog Tune Up with Sister Diane who i have been following for many years and is such a wealth of crafty knowledge and is extremely generous, and kind, and smart.  I like that and i hope to implement some changes on this blog as i go.  

Here are a few photos of my past few weeks in my new city of Hamilton!  Getting my studio ready, Antique Shopping and being inspired by nature!  

The great collection of all things tea at Antique Avenue
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Looking Back #1

In the next few weeks as I transition to Hamilton i am going to take a few moments to Look Back to some of my proudest moments in Toronto.  Here is the first one!

In 2010, I coproduced FOOL-Festival of Oral Literatures with Dan Yashinsky. (We co-founded it together in 2009) This festival grew out of our mutual love of stories, and the question of where storytelling was in our modern world.  The festival was organized during my pregnancy, and although i would be tired,we had planned that  i would host the events with a small 3 week old baby.   

Of course, things don’t always go as planned and I spent much of those days in the hospital as my son Max underwent two surgeries on his bowels. I remember the days of sitting by his side and then going to the theatre to host the shows  and then back to the hospital to be with him at night.   The good news is that he is well these days, and the bad news is that i don’t remember much of the festival at all. 

As i was creating a post about leaving Toronto (I will be moving to Hamilton next Monday!)  I happily came across this video and was reminded about the importance of stories, about bringing people together and of the great festival that Dan and I put together.  It’s just a little taste of a great festival that i hope continues for many years.  

I have many ideas of projects for my new city, and I look forward to bringing together tellers from both Toronto and  Hamilton.  I can’t wait.  In the meantime, enjoy this great video put together by Luigi Bianco with many great artists involved!