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What I Have Been Working On!

As i get ready for the Xmas One of a Kind Show i have been creating a few new products.

I have become a bit obsessed by all things stamps these days, and starting creating vintage postage stamp travel journals! Of course, it makes total sense, that i collect stamps of all different colours and sizes from the same country and presto! A travel journal!

I also put together a 2013 calendar  of my Daily Collages after one of my regular clients requested it.  It was fun to put together and I am hoping to share them with the world soon on my etsy shop right here!

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A few new collages!

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Hello Again!

And so, after 5 months of living in Hamilton, i am actually beginning to truly feel like i am home.  Of course, i still miss my friends in Toronto, but am making new ones here, and it’s great. 

When we had made the decision to move here, one of the things that was decided was that i would begin to devote more of my time to art. I am so proud that is actually happening.

I am please to announce that GirlCanCreate has a new studio at Hotel Hamilton.  If you aren’t from Hamilton, you need to know that it is located on James St. N. which has become the hub for artists in the city.  Once a month for the past 6 years, on the second Friday of each month, James St. N. hosts an Art Crawl.  People from all walks of live come out in droves to see art, hang out at cafe’s and watch some great performances.  The feeling is sweet and honest and it’s one of the reasons i love this city so much. 

I opened my studio for the first time last Friday and was so very pleased. I met a bunch of people and sold some art, which was great!  

I look forward to more art, and more studio time!  And if you are every in town, do drop by and say hello!

Getting ready
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Getting ready

City of Craft is in two days and i am busy busy busy getting ready for the show!

The brilliant Becky Johnson is the ringleader of this great show and has been an inspiration to me for many years.  She curates a diverse mix of vendors together with a lot of crafty surprises.  Come and say hello to me at the show, we will be there from 11 to 6! I will have a lot of paper packs, magnets, buttons, limited edition prints and original art works.  Very very excited indeed!
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 I came across this image in a 1955 Woman’s Day Journal Magazine and was struck at how relevant it was to today’s women.  It seems that although we have been under the impression that time management was only a modern day woman’s problem, that it was also one of the past as well.  We have all of these computers, and gadgets that are supposed to make us better at managing our day to day and yet, do we?