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Art Biz Blog Saves The Day

So, although i said that i would be back to posting every day, i admit that this hasn’t happened in the past month.  What to publish? What could i possible have to share that would be of benefit to my readers?

I realized that I am now in a similar spot as I was many years ago when i first started my Blogger blog (  Not quite sure where I am in my career, a little bit overwhelmed by it all and wanting to do a million things.  One of the ways that i was inspired to blog so many moons ago was because of other bloggers.  And so, today, as i sit in my bed with the worst cold I decided to start looking for new inspiration. Happy to say that I found it!

I have been acquainted with the work of Alyson Stanfield for many years but for some reason I have never read her blog, and today at the most perfect time, I read her most recent post, and then the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that.  It’s amazing and full of real life solutions for being blocked.  The one thing that really struck me is the idea of writing once a week to begin and then as the momentum builds to go with it.  So here I am.

I highly recommend checking out Alyson’s wonderful blog Art Biz Blog where you can find so much to help in every aspect of your art blog. Can’t wait to get back on track!

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Hello Again!

Ever since my blog has been added to my website the pressure to create perfect posts has been intense.  I know that i now need to edit more, rant less and get to the point.  Yet, as someone who used to feel that my blog was truly a space for creative freedom I have decided that i will return to my original goals of sharing ideas about art, letting the world know about awesome artists and challenging people to be their own unique creative selves.  

I won’t censor my words or my thoughts for fear that someone might not like me.  I mean, i have never done it before, so why do it now, right?

Without further ado, I would like to share some great artists with you.  If you don’t know, I am now the Gallery Coordinator of James North Studio in Hamilton.  It’s a dynamic space full of talented artists.  The current show Februum features the work of artist Wendy Bachiu and Jo Johnson.  This exhibit is a great one as it combines two artists with very different styles. I was excited about this show before i even saw it but i had no idea that the combination of Johnson’s beautiful, slightly creepy vintage dolls partnered with Bachiu’s soothing mixed media pieces would be so complimentary.  It’s a beautiful show and you have one more week to check it out!

Regina Haggo of the Hamilton Spectator wrote an article about it here.–oh-you-beautiful-doll

I look forward to sharing more with you, and to being back to the blogosphere!  

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Sharing the Papery Goodness

My new Etsy shop that will be selling ephemera for collage artists! 

As a collage artist I tend to collect a LOT of papers and photos and books and wonderful vintage ephemera.  In the past year I realized that I don’t need all of these papers, or shall I say that it dawned on me that there is no way in a million years that i will be able to use all of what i have.

One of the most common questions I get asked at craft shows is “Where do you get your paper from?  I will finally be able to let them know that aside from antique markets, estate sales, charity shops and garage sales, that you can get paper from me!

I know what sort of images I am drawn to, and know what I don’t use in my work.  So I am proud to say that by the end of the week I will be presenting the new Etsy Shop Collagio.

In putting together this shop, I decided that it was time that I learnt how to make a banner.  The above image is my first foray into any sort of digital creations.  I know it’s simple but  am quite proud of it!

I look forward to sharing the vintagey papery goodness by the end of the week!

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What I Have Been Working On!

As i get ready for the Xmas One of a Kind Show i have been creating a few new products.

I have become a bit obsessed by all things stamps these days, and starting creating vintage postage stamp travel journals! Of course, it makes total sense, that i collect stamps of all different colours and sizes from the same country and presto! A travel journal!

I also put together a 2013 calendar  of my Daily Collages after one of my regular clients requested it.  It was fun to put together and I am hoping to share them with the world soon on my etsy shop right here!

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A few new collages!