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Small Sweet And Quiet Fundraiser!

Small Sweet and Quiet is a one woman show that I will be performing in the upcoming month at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton. It will be my first solo show in a long time and I am so pleased to be working with the amazing team of historian Ann McDougall and shadow artist Sean Frey.


I have decided to do a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs involved in the production including fees for the artistic team as well as production costs. The idea is that you donate a certain amount and you get some of my artwork in return.  Please note that these prints will not be made available anywhere else.  Here is how it works. You will receive a print on an archival paper using acid free inks to ensure the quality.  The image will be a 6 x 6 inch image on a 8 x 11.5 piece of paper. The print runs are editions of 25!

a) You choose from either the Small, Sweet or Quiet Packages.  

b) Click on the Donate button. Follow the instructions.  Let me know in the notes which print you will be interested in and or if you would prefer buttons to magnets!

c) Sit back and wait for your package to arrive and know that our forever appreciation is sent your way for this support!


The Small Donation – $10

Small but ever so sweet! A $10 donation gets you a random offering of three vintage magnets and/or pins.  You let me know which you would prefer and I will make sure that they arrive at your doorstep.  Every bit counts and we will mention you on our social media site!

The Quiet Donation – $25

We love the silent but strong supporters! A $25 donation gets you a limited edition print of your choice of one of my 9 mixed media collage pieces created for this campaign.   We will also give a shout out on our social media sites.

The Sweet Donation – $100

We love the Sweet Donation here at GirlCanCreate!  A $100 donation gets you the super pack of three limited edition prints of your choice, four random vintage postage stamp cards, and a random selection five vintages buttons or magnets. We will list you as our of our Sweet sponsors in the program and will give a shout out on our social media site!

Please share this campaign far and wide! We look forward to sharing more about this fundraiser with you!


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Getting back to basics

I have been busy this year.

Busy with work, and busy with family and trying to find a new sort of normal since my Dad passed in August.  It hasn’t been easy.  But I feel that in order to grieve properly it is necessary for me to live day by day and get back to the basics.

The basics for me are pretty simple.  Surrounding myself with those I love, taking my time to be alone, eating good food, sleeping, making art and reading books.

For those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE BOOKS. I worked in bookstores for 15 years.  When my Dad was diagnosed with multiply myeloma in 2003 I quit my job so that i could be with him.   When I moved from Toronto to Hamilton we moved 70 boxes of books.  I am seriously hoping that I live in this house for the rest of my life as I am sure we now have at least 10 more boxes than we had two years ago.

You see, for me books are magic reminders of others and their lives and stories.  They have been solace to me during my life, and they continue to inspire, teach and fulfill my imagination.

In August, after my dad passed,  I started working at a local independent bookseller in Hamilton.  Epic Books is the perfect little shop where the people who come in love books and literature.  Being able to talk to others about books again has truly made me feel lucky that we live in the world that we live in.  One where intelligence and learning are available for most, and that books are not forbidden, not censored for the most part.

The books that I have enjoyed lately have been Watch How We Walk by Jennifer Lovegrove, a captivating coming of age tale of a young woman and her struggles with her family, who are devout Jehovah Witnesses.  I know Jennifer, but hadn’t read any of her work.  So beautiful and tragic, her descriptions are powerful and sharp.  I felt like I had stepped back in time to when I was a teenager.  I never wanted this book to end.

I am reading This is How you Lose Her by Junot Diaz.  I loved his previous book The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and this new collection of short stories does not disappoint.  I am not finished and am taking my time to read this book cause it’s just so darn good.

Books to me are like friends, they are trustworthy, and they keep secrets and unfold sweetly.  I am happy that I am finally taking the time to read books again.  It is the one thing that is hard when you become a mother but so glad that i am finally able to focus and take the time to reconnect with my love of words. . It has always been and will continue to be something that soothes me and my soul.

What are you reading?  Any suggestions for me would be so very appreciated.

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How Art Saved Me This Summer

It has been quite some time since I have posted in this blog.  In June I decided that I would take a bit of a summer break from Art and Craft and it has ended up being a good thing for sure.  This has been one of the most challenging summers of my life.  Two weeks ago, I was in a bad car accident.  I was taking a break from the hospital where my father had been and decided to go to the bookshop.  I took my almost three year old son Max with me and off we went.  It was a sweet visit with Max buying a book about bugs and me picking up the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine.  On our way back, we were cut off by a driver and the car was totalled.  Max was fine, but I ended up with whiplash, bruises on my abdomen, and some serious back pain.  Thankfully I will be fine with some massage and physiotherapy over the next few months.

A week later, after 11 years of battling multiple myeloma, my father passed away.  For those of you who don’t know me, My dad meant the world to me. He  was a wonderful man and a great dad.  Supportive, Funny and Kind.  Now that he is gone, my heart is so very sad.  I don’t know quite how to describe it.  Since my father has left the world is quieter, a bit more serious, and somewhat frightening. I know that time heals and that memories will help me get through this  with the support of friends and family, but I can’t help but feel alone.

And this is when Art comes in.  During these past few weeks, I have sat  by my father’s bedside listening to him breathe heavily. I sat with journal in hand and i just wrote down memories, poems, thoughts.  I got out markers and drew doodles, and sketched my father’s profile.  At night when I am home and can’t sleep, I listen to music that my father adored, Spanish Zarzuelas, Mario Lanza and Placido Domingo.  And it all helps.  It helps a lot.

My dad was someone who taught me that it was important to do what you love.  I know that he was surprised when I decided to be an artist, be it a performer or a visual artist.  He might have been worried but after we would talk about things, he would always say, “I don’t really understand what you do, but it’s clear that it makes you happy and you are good at it, so keep on.”

These past few weeks have been horrible.  The most difficult times have been at night, but when i take a moment  to write, or draw or collage,  it felt like i was at home, as if healing was happening, slowly but surely.   The work that I am creating won’t be seen in public, but it’s just for me and my dad.  A way to cherish, remember and to love him. What a gift.


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40 Tiny Performances at The Pearl Company on June 1st


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The Artist is In – May 9th to June 9th at James North Studio