Mixed Media Collage Art

For me, collage is a visual improvisation. When I sit down to work, I create parameters within which to work, and I then begin the improvisational dance between colour, shape, image and line. At times this improvisation becomes a story that appears from the images and begs to be told, and at other times it happens to be a much more abstract process of marrying obscure images and papers.

I am currently working on a series of Imagined Histories which recreates one person’s past.  Not knowing the people in many of the photos I work with, I begin to carve out a story that becomes clear as I continue to work.  I provide them with a background that provides a space for them to live, even if imagined.

All of the papers and images that I use are the originals from as far back as 1860 to about the 1940s.  Nothing is computer generated or photocopied.