A moment for meditation

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As an artist and a mother I have always found it necessary to find moments of quiet and contemplation during my busy days. In my past I tried traditional meditation again and again, and somehow it just never stuck.  Sitting still in a quiet room just didn’t work for me.  I mean, it worked, it did calm my mind, and it chilled but I so looked for something different.

Many years ago, I found the magical art of beading.  I was inspired by the work of Eleanor Wiley, a woman with an amazing story who created large beaded pieces and traveled the world talking about how it save her life.  When i met her, I became enamoured by these small pieces that I started creating.  Throughout the years, I realize that these beads that I have created were in fact my meditation.  A marriage of stillness and creativity that calmed my mind, and let me breathe deeply.

I am interested in sharing these pieces, which i call VIDA Beads, to others.  VIDA Beads are contemporary meditation pieces that offer a tactile experience to remind us of what is important in the world.  I create the pieces from beads that i have gathered from around the world.  I will be offering to sell these pieces on Etsy at reasonable prices.

To me beading is a joy.  An honour. A meditation that i hope to share with others.


Buddha- Vida Beads


Deity - Vida Beads


RED - Vida Beads



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